Wrist Exercises to Help Wrist Pain

Our wrists help us in everyday activities in ways that we don't often notice. Whether it be picking up your grocery bag or a box full of your favourite books along with your hands, your wrists are always in action. Unsurprisingly the workload that our wrists must bear in a day is enough to give them pain over time due to the strain that it endures. But it's kind of a common complaint that is especially prevalent in older age groups. This can make it harder to perform any activity. 

But don't worry as wrist exercises can be a great way to slowly but surely, help your wrists to regain their strength and movement back. 

So, let's dive into everything that is there to know about our wrists!

Anatomy of your Wrists

A human hand has 3 components, one of them being the wrist. Also, a joint, our wrists are made up of several smaller bones and joints that permit our hand to move in any direction it wants. Among them are 8 small bones known as Carpal bones and 3 main joints, namely- Radiocarpal Joint, Ulnocarpal Joint and Distal radioulnar joint. 

Common injuries experienced by the wrist

It is common to experience injuries or damages that can hurt the joints, ligaments or any other component of your wrists. Some of them include-

 Sprain- Tearing or stretching of the ligament or soft tissues is known as a sprain. It can be caused either due to overstretching, or impact of a fall or any other injury. 

 Arthritis- It can affect any joint of the body, including the wrist and the main reason for suffering from arthritis is the normal wear and tear of the joints due to years of use. 

 Fracture- Any kind of fall or injury can fracture any bones in your wrist. 

 Stress Injuries- Repetitive movements like typing, texting, writing, etc. may also stress the wrist, causing swelling and pain. 

 Nerve Impingement- The nerves which are present in the can sometimes become trapped or compressed, causing pain or a shooting sensation in the wrist. 

Symptoms of Wrist Pain

Anyone experiencing wrist pain may also undergo one or a few of the following symptoms- 

  • Pain during movements
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Numbness 
  • Tingling/ Grating sensation
  • Weakness

 What causes wrist pain

Like any other body part, our wrist is also a complicated combination of bones, muscles, joints and ligaments, and any kind of injury to any of these components can prove to be the reason behind the pain/discomfort. Nevertheless, a few common causes can be - injury, sprain, infection, illness, general wear and tear, etc. 

Wrist exercises to ease the pain 

As we have already discussed everything there is to know about pain, let's now talk about ways to ease it. A lot of OTC medications are available which may prove to be helpful, but certain wrist exercises can speed up the recovery process. So below we have assembled a few easy-to-follow exercises to help you with this process. We even have a product recommendation, so make sure to stay with us till the end. 

 Stretching- It includes all kinds of stretching exercises that involve your wrists, like the praying hand, extended arm and clenched fists. The main aim is to hold a position for a prolonged time to improve the range of movement. Make sure to start with a gentle stretch and try holding each stretch for up to 20-30 seconds. 

Strength building- Building the strength of your wrists can help prevent cases of injury. In this case, strength-building exercises like - tennis ball squeeze and desk press squeeze (placing your palms face up under a desk or table and pressing against it) can prove to be helpful. 

 But sometimes, exercising without proper caution can prove to be difficult. Here is when our big reveal enters. Dr. Ortho's wrist brace is an orthopaedic accessory designed to protect and enhance your pain-easing journey. Its compressive, easy-to-use design and comforting fit aim to provide its user with a minimized time of recovery and reduced chances of re-injury. 


To avoid the risk of injury or pain in your hand, trying out these exercises along with Dr. Ortho Wrist Brace can be helpful. But, in case the pain persists for a longer time or is caused after suffering a horrific injury, it would be better to visit a doctor. 


What can make the wrists hurt?

Sprains or fractures can be the reason behind wrist pain. But, apart from that, repetitive movements and arthritis can also play an important part in making your wrists hurt. 

Can arthritis also affect our wrists?

Since arthritis is referred to as the normal wear and tear of the joints that happens as you age, and our wrists are one of the frequently used body parts, it's not unusual for arthritis to affect our wrists. 

 Which is the best way to ease wrist pain?

Giving the wrist proper rest and applying an ice pack on the affected area can prove to be helpful. Apart from this trying out some stretching exercises can also help in easing pain with regular practice. But make sure to start slowly and not push yourself too hard. 

How can Dr. Ortho's Wrist Brace with Thumb help in relieving pain?

Dr. Ortho Wrist Brace with Thumb is an orthopedically designed accessory for your wrist to give it adequate support and compression. It has been designed to help you do all kinds of activities, whether it be heavy weightlifting or carrying a heavy box, with ease. It aims for comfortable movement while protecting your wrists.