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Nurture. Care. Heal

Humans are amazing and magnificent creatures on the planet earth. Even so, we do suffer sometimes, and it is okay because only after the winter does the flowers finally bloom. It is a part of life, emotional suffering. But that does not mean that one has to suffer physically too. We understand that, and that is why Dr. Ortho has dedicated itself to producing products that help people with their physical pain.

We understand that, and that is why Dr. Ortho has dedicated itself to producing products that help people with their physical pain. We bring together the latest technologies with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda to create products that give the maximum benefit to the user. Our Products are made with their efficacy in day to day lives of the user in mind. On top of that, we make sure that our team of professionals create a space for the consumers where they come and can get their Joint pain relief needs fulfilled at highly affordable prices. For us, the satisfaction and the relaxation of our consumers is our top priority from the development till the delivery process. Delivering the most efficient joint care solutions is what our team works hard for.

Dr. Ortho: One of Asia's Most Promising Brand

Dr. Ortho is one of the leading brands in Asia when it comes to joint care. We at Dr. Ortho are dedicated to providing the joints care solutions to our consumers that they need. Our diligent team of experts focuses on providing Joints Pain Relief products that keep the key focus on providing products to our consumer base that help get natural relief from joint pain using the core and basics of Ayurveda. Our application-based products are made using ingredients that are sourced from nature like Nilgiri oil, Camphor oil, etc.

We understand that with time, many things have to evolve accordingly, it is a part of development. This is why Dr. Ortho ensures that our products are made by amalgamating the best of technologically advanced methods with the most ancient of ayurvedic knowledge. So our consumers get to experience the best of both worlds.

Inclusive of All Joint Care Needs

The modern-day lifestyle has changed a lot of things for everyone, including our bodies. Joints care solutions are need of the hour nowadays because it is not only the elderly who we see suffering from joint and body discomfort issues these days. It is anyone and everyone. Dr. Ortho understands that and hence, we make our product in accordance with the basic joint care needs, be it the ayurvedic pain relief aids or the Joints care products. We have Ayurvedic products like Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Oil, capsules and our brand-new Dr. Ortho Strong Oil curated especially for people to help ease all types of joint issues. Dr. Ortho's motivation is driven by the sheer support of our trusted consumer base, which we have grown over the years.

We aim to provide the best of care and help to our consumers as we can. Over the years, Dr. Ortho has constantly been devoted to providing safe, secure and quality-driven products in the market. In the year 2013-14, Dr. Ortho was also awarded as one of Asia's most promising brands in the joints care solutions segment. We have over 1 million trusted consumers, who we hope will grow more and more with us in the coming years. 

Our Ayurvedic pain relief products like Dr Ortho oil, spray and balm are quite popular amongst all generations. Plus, we understand the need for orthotics that help keep joints in their natural positions without putting any strain on them, like back support, posture corrector, ankle binder, wrist brace, cervical pillows, and our latest launch Premium Cervical Pillow, along with others. Taking your needs into consideration, we have also come up with Acupressure Slippers to give your feet the goodness and comfort of Acupressure and Orthopaedic mattresses that have been designed to provide 7-zone support to suit the needs of all kinds of sleepers. We hope to keep serving our trusted consumers for years to come with many such joint care products.