Why Should You use Cervical Pillow for Neck?

Cervical Pillow for Neck

When you come back from a hectic day, there’s nothing like laying your head on a nice, fluffy pillow and experiencing a release of the stress of the day. But how do you know whether the one you currently rest on is best for your body or not? If you have neck pain or wake up with neck stiffness, probably you are not using the right one.

If your neck or shoulders feel consistent stiffness or pain, switching to a good quality cervical pillow for neck comfort and also, for a comfy sleep will be a right option. Much research has been conducted in this field and all have suggested that a pillow with good cervical support can tremendously help to relieve neck pain, thereby improving the relaxing experience.

What are the different Types of Neck Pillows available in the market?

In the contemporary world, the market is flooded with n-number of pillows for your neck to choose from but the best pillow for neck pain depends on a lot of other factors revolving around it - including your position of sleep, the cause or causes of your neck pain, and what feels comfortable to you personally.

Undermentioned are some of the common types of pillows for the neck popularly shopped by people:

  • Neck rolls
  • D-core, since it has a D-shaped indentation in the middle for your head
  • Standard contour pillows - the wavy ones, comes with a lengthwise indentation for your head
  • Horseshoe-shaped pillows
  • Memory Foam cervical pillows

The description doesn’t end here. Neck pillows also come in a multitude of materials, including down pillows, memory foam, cotton, and synthetics (to wick away heat and sweat). The material you choose matters as long as it makes the pillow feel comfortable to you and is as per your liking. Experts have already enumerated it from time to time that, in general, comfort trumps all -- although material that keeps you cool may grant you a more peaceful and deep sleep.

What are Memory Foam Pillows?

Memory Foam Pillows

In layman’s terms, memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is combined with chemicals to make it viscose, and elastic. Owing to its viscosity, it can slowly contour to your body when any pressure is applied and then comfortably and slowly regain its shape once the pressure is removed. This is precisely this characteristic of memory foam that has assigned it another name called viscoelastic foam.

As the name signifies, Memory foam pillows are made using memory foam. It’s pertinent to note that there are multiple types of memory foam and that particular memory foam can even be combined with other types of foams or gels which ultimately results in hundreds of memory foam pillows making their way into the market each year.

  • Traditional memory foammade its first presence in the market in 1992. Back then it was made of a dense, closed cell structure which was majorly characterized for making the sleepers feel warm and cozy. This type of memory foam was particularly effective for insulation as it kept the heat in, and was even often used to insulate walls due to its water-resistant

While it has still stood the test of time and has proved its mantle for buildings, in recent years, companies have observed that traditional memory foam is not great for sleep products due to its incompatible heat.

  • Open-cell memory foam, a second version, is less dense and has air pockets throughout, for better airflow. This type of memory foam is often described as spongey as it is quite soft to the touch. While it undeniably is more affordable than traditional memory foam, you must take note of the density of the foam which indicates how durable the product is.
  • Gel-infused memory foam is an open-cell memory foam that is infused with gel for better breathability and refreshing cooling qualities.

How to keep your memory foam pillow clean?

memory foam pillow

As per the instructions on the label of the pillows sold in the market, it is highly recommended to not machine wash memory foam as it has a high likelihood to destroy the foam. It is wise to abide by the care instructions that come with your pillow as these are provided after thorough testing by the manufacturers. Customarily, you can remove the pillow cover, and wash it if its surface has been stained. But to clean the foam, you should consider running it under slow, cool water (without the use of detergents) to try to remove any moisture that may have been absorbed by the foam. Then to dry, keep it in an elevated position, and out of direct sunlight for a few hours.

With these details in your pocket, you shall be in a comfortable position to shop for the best memory foam pillow for yourself and your family. If you are wondering where to start, do consider giving Dr. Ortho’s Memory Foam Cervical Pillow a shot. It has a wide range of utilities. Since it is made with memory form to adapt to the shape and requirement of the neck, it offers a sound and refreshing sleep to people having stiffness or fatigue in their neck area. Because this pillow is lightweight and is covered with soft and hypoallergenic fabric, it assists in dealing with cervical problems cost-effectively. No matter what brand or product you choose, the fact of the matter is that it should make your sleeping experience soothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of memory foam pillows?

The beauty of Memory foam is that it adapts to the shape of the neck and head that is put on it. These do the same by providing the required support where the pressure is less and balancing the high-pressure areas to minimize the pain and discomfort of the neck and shoulders.

Q. Could anyone use the pillow for cervical pain?

Yes. The foremost purpose of a cervical memory foam pillow is to offer support to people who have trouble keeping their spine straight. Anyone can use a cervical pillow for neck pain and to keep their sleeping posture straight in general.

Q. From where can I get a good memory foam pillow?

You can get some good memory foam pillows from Amazon, Flipkart, Dr. Ortho’s website. Dr. Ortho, in particular, is one of the most prominent brands dealing in the joint pain care segment. Their secret to Dr. Ortho’s cervical pillow is the magical power of Ayurveda. They have a wide variety of products dedicated solely to offering prolonged relief from pain and discomfort.