Dr. Ortho Complete Joint Care Kit

    Rs 916.00Rs 799.00

    • Specially combo crafted for all pain relief needs • Consists 1 unit each of Dr. Ortho Oil (120ml) + Dr. Ortho Spray (75ml)+ Dr. Ortho Knee Cap (Universal Size) - Black+ Dr. Ortho Balm (40g) • Dr. Ortho Ointment 30g FREE! • All products are ayurvedic • Suitable for Body pain, back pain, knee pain, joint pain, muscle pain etc. • Regular use helps soothe pain naturally.

    Complete Pain Relief Essentials Pack

    Rs 912.00Rs 799.00

    • Specially crafted combo for all pain relief needs • Consists of Dr. Ortho Oil (60ml) (2x)+ Dr. Ortho Spray (75ml)+ Dr. Ortho Capsules (60caps)+ Dr. Ortho Balm (40g) • Dr. Ortho Ointment 30g FREE! • All products are ayurvedic • Suitable for Body pain, back pain, knee pain, joint pain, muscle pain etc. • Regular use helps soothe pain naturally.

    Dr. Ortho Kit for Joints Pain Relief

    Rs 721.00Rs 599.00

    • Provides complete care of Ayurveda to painful and stiffed joints • Helpful in knee pain, neck pain, wrist pain, back pain, and shoulder pain • Daily massage with Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic medicinal oil helps in relieving joint discomfort • Richness of finely chosen nature’s the best herbs in Dr. Ortho capsules strengthen weak joints • Blend of 6 herbs in Dr. Ortho spray helps get quick relief from joint discomforts • Dr. Ortho Spray contents absorbs deeply into painful area thus provides relief from inside

    Dr. Ortho Pain Relief Spray | Buy 3 & Get 1 Free

    Rs 660.00Rs 399.00

    • Helps provide relief in sprain, strain, joint pains, and sports injury • Made with the combination of 6 effective oils • Portable and easy to use • Non-greasy formulation

    Dr Ortho Joint Pain Oil & Joint Pain Relief Capsule (Oil 120ml + 60 Capsules)

    Rs 590.00Rs 450.00

    • Dr. Ortho Combo Pack includes Joint Pain Oil & Joint Pain Relief Capsule. • Dr. Ortho oil gives the natural goodness of herbs to the pain ridden area. It has a mix of 8 oils. • Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic capsules are made with 8 powerful ingredients, beneficial for inner strength and pain relief.

    Dr. Ortho 1 Month Combo Pack of Joint Care Products

    Rs 1,565.00Rs 1,200.00

    • Dr. Ortho 1 Month Combo Pack includes 2 X Oil 120ml, 4 X Capsules 30Caps, Spray 75ml and Ointment 30g • Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Oil is beneficial for different types of pain like neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc. • Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Capsules helps provide comfort to joints and muscles • Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Spray is easy to use and portable • Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Ointment absorbs in skin properly

    Soothing Relief to Knee Pain Combo

    Rs 456.00Rs 340.00

    • Dr. Ortho Pain Relief Combo includes Knee Cap and Balm (40g) • Dr. Ortho Knee Cap is designed to provide appropriate support and stabilization to the user’s knee. • Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Balm is made with the blend of effective and natural herbs for soothing pain relief.

    Combo for Body Muscle Pain (Oil 120ml + 30 Capsules)

    Rs 478.00Rs 370.00

    • Dr. Ortho Combo Pack includes Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil and Ayurvedic Pain Relief Capsules • Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil and Capsules tighter are to help the user maintain the health and pain of their joints • Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Oil and capsules are made with 8 effective natural herbs • Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Capsules have highly effective herbs that are helpful in relieving stiffness, joint pains, and inflammation

    Comfort to Spine Essentials Combo

    Rs 1,134.00Rs 799.00

    • Dr. Ortho Comfort to Spine Essentials Combo includes Lumbo Sacral Belt and Ayurvedic balm (40g) • Dr. Ortho lumbo sacral belt has an ergonomic and orthopaedic design for the maximum comfort. • Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic balm has 10 powerful herbs, well suited for muscle, joint and body pain relief.

    Comfortable Back Support Combo

    Rs 2,661.00Rs 1,999.00

    • Back Support Combo includes Dr. Ortho lumbo sacral support belt, Spray for pain (75ml) and Orthopaedic back support • Dr. Ortho lumbo sacral support belt has firm, sturdy support. Comes with adjustable strap. • Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic pain relieving spray consists of 6 powerful herbs, as ingredients known for soothing and pain-relieving benefits. • Dr. Ortho orthopaedic back support is a memory foam back support, with a washable cover.

    Essentials to Sooth Back Discomforts

    Rs 2,654.00Rs 1,999.00

    • Add on to your back comfort with Dr. Ortho's Essentials to Sooth Back Discomforts Combo. It consists of Orthopaedic Back Support, Lumbo Sacral Belt and Ayurvedic Oil – 60ml • Give your back complete comfort and support while sitting with Dr. Ortho's orthopaedic back support. Made using Memory foam and skin-friendly cotton fabric. • Dr. Ortho's lumbo sacral belt has an orthopaedic design for lower back support.Designed to provide comfort whether you are sitting or walking around. Available in 4 different sizes • Dr. Ortho's ayurvedic oil for quick pain relief. Great to give relief from joint discomforts, like inflammation, pain and stiffness.

    Joint Pain Relief Essentials

    Rs 2,561.00Rs 1,999.00

    Lumbo Sacral Belt, Cervical Pillow & Spray - 75 ml

    • Relieve pain, fatigue, and stiffness in your neck with Dr. Ortho's Orthopaedic cervical pillow. Made of hypoallergenic and breathable fabric that is soft on the skin
    • Orthopaedic lumbosacral belt for your lower back region. Helps with the regaining of natural spine strength, Available in various sizes
    • Quick relieve from minor pain conditions like sprains with Dr. Ortho's pain relief spray. Easy to use and non-greasy blend.

    Dr. Ortho Joints Care Combos

    There are many issues that a person faces in their lifespan, and the most common of them is joint pain. We all are well aware of the joints and muscles discomfort. But, we are so indulged in our daily routine that we usually have no time to take good care of our joints. And as a result, we damage or weaken our muscles and joints.  

    We can’t stop our work, but yes, we can look for joint care solutions  to ease our pain to a certain level at any point in our life. At Dr. Ortho, we offer a wide range of joint care products. Our objective is to deliver our consumers the best of nature with ayurvedic and herbal products. These products are made from natural herbs and essential oils such as Cheed, Nilgiri, Gandhapura, Alsi, Til, and Nirgundi to get muscle pain relief and relief from other discomforts.  

    Dr. Ortho is one of the trusted brands in the range of joint care segment. Dr. Ortho consists of joint pain relief products that help in relieving joint, knee, shoulder, back, neck pain, and muscle stiffness. Additionally, to provide our consumers with the best possible joint care as per their needs, we have combined several Dr. Ortho products that they can comfortably choose. To secure your joints and give them comfort, we came up with combo packs of Ortho Oil and Ayurvedic Capsules for pain relief.  Dr. Ortho Oil is a blend of 8 ayurvedic medicinal herbs extracts such as Pudina, Jyotishmati, Kapoor, and Til whereas the capsules help in relieving joint discomfort with the power of 8 ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Kunduru, and Methi. Apart from joint pain relief, our brand offers accessories combos. To relieve knee discomforts, we have a combo that consists of a universal size knee cap and ayurvedic oil(60ml). Dr. Ortho Knee Cap slightly compresses your knee area and gives support to your knees while walking or performing any other activities. Our knee cap is made up of soft cotton fabric and is stretchable.  

     Furthermore, having back pain can be painful and restrict you from several activities. To give your back-pain relief, we have a comfortable back support combo which includes  orthopedic back support lumbo sacral belt – pain reliever spray, and pain relief combo [back support belt and spray].  The belt provides stability to the lower back, and the pain-relieving spray helps get relief from the uninvited pain. Dr. Ortho also has a joint pain relief accessory combo for your joint’s special and targeted care.[cervical pillow, back support, lower back support belt, and universal size knee cap].  

     Our spine essential combo [back support belt and pain-relieving balm] and back discomfort combo Include a lumbo sacral belt and ointment. Dr. Ortho ointment is a natural blend of 10 herbs and soothes pain effectively. Long working hours can lead to both neck pain and back pain. To support your back while working and neck while you sleep in comfort we have a combo.  This combo includes a lumbo sacral support belt and a cervical pillow. A cervical pillow helps in maintaining the natural curve of the spine by providing relief from neck pain and stiffness to some level.   

    Along with these combos, we also have Dr. Ortho’s 1-month combo pack that includes 2 packs of ayurvedic oil[120ml],4 capsules [30capsules pack each], pain-reliever spray[75ml], and ointment[30g] for joint and muscle pain relief. Additionally, you can also choose the must-have kit for back discomfort, this unique combo contains Dr. Ortho’s back support, a lumbo sacral belt, and a pain relief balm.   

     We have everything dedicated to your joint care needs. You can choose the Combos & Offers  on Dr. Ortho Joint Care Range as per your requirements. 

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