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Dr. Ortho is a nationally and internationally recognized brand in joint pain care segment. Being the trusted and popular brand for joint care, Dr. Ortho is founded by Mr. Sanjeev Juneja, a renowned entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist.

We at Dr. Ortho focus on providing relief from joint pain using the core and basics of Ayurveda.
The range of Dr. Ortho products comprises Ayurvedic medicinal oil, ayurvedic balm, ointment, pain relief spray, ayurvedic capsules, strong oil, knee support, ankle binder, cervical pillow, back support, lumbo sacral support belt, orthopaedic mattress, acupressure slippers, and more.

All our products are scientifically formulated considering both modern scientific concepts and ancient Ayurvedic methodologies that not only provides temporary pain relief but also help get prolonged relief from joint pain.