Causes of Joint Pain

What are The Causes of Joint Pain?

Joint pain is the most common discomfort usually found in every age group. Body Joints play a vital role in the movement of our body. Our joints act as nut & bolts to our bones and provide support to them.

 And any damage to the joints due to injury or disease can lead to joint pain.

Joint discomfort can reduce the flexibility of the body resulting in low work efficiency alongside painful and uncomfortable body movements. You may feel uneasy and fatigued if your joint health is not fine.

However, in some severe cases surgery is found only a suitable option, right joint pain relief remedies, timely precautions alongside an adequate diet preventing such joint problems is possible.

Main Causes for Joint Pain:

  1. Strains and sprains - An abrupt twist of the joints can result in sprained or strained knee ligament or muscle.
  1. Overweight - Excess weight puts additional strain on the joints. Obesity raises the risk of knee osteoarthritis due to the breakdown of cartilage.
  1. Poor posture - The most common cause of joint pain is poor posture. Sitting in an incorrect or awkward position, such as with your legs crossed or bent, can cause pain and discomfort in your joints.
  1. Lack of muscle flexibility - Joint problems can increase by a lack of strength and flexibility. By stabilizing and protecting your joints, muscle flexibility can help you in walking.
  1. Over-resting - Over-resting weakens your muscles and often makes the joint weak. Exercise helps to support the joint by strengthening the muscles around it.
  1. Gout- It is a painful inflammation in which the body’s crystals gather in the joints, resulting in pain. This problem is mostly found in the big toe.
  1. Osteoarthritis - When the cartilage, the protective cushion in between the bones, reduces over time, and it causes Arthritis. The joints become swollen and uncomfortable in this condition.

Other Remedies that can help ease your Joint Pain:

 ease your Joint Pain:

  • For joint pain relief apply ice or heat
  • Exercising or stretching
  • Eating pain-relieving medicines
  • Don’t sit for long hours, take a break in between
  • Eat a fibrous and healthy diet
  • Apply ayurvedic oil for a better result in joint pain.

    Taking the right care of joints is crucial. So, opting for a precise lifestyle, eatery habits, and remedies would be a better decision to prevent serious complications. Applying Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic pain relief oil can help in relieving pain, discomforts, and stiffness. The goodness of 8 natural herbs makes it super effective and safe to use for every person. It gets easily absorbed in the effective and heals the pain naturally.

     Benefits of using Dr. Ortho Oil

     Benefits of using Dr. Ortho Oil

    • Natural oil can provide long-term relief from joint pain
    • Herbal Oils absorb deep into the skin and perfectly work for relaxing painful areas.
    • Helps in relieving joint and muscle stiffness.
    • Every age person can use it, ideal for old age persons for their knee pain.
    • No harmful chemicals and steroids, healing action occur naturally.

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