Benefits of Wearing a Lumbosacral Support Belt

What are The Benefits of Wearing a Lumbosacral Support Belt?

Lower back pain is a common health problem faced by several people. Over the years, it has evolved into a noteworthy health problem, especially among people who are indulged in sedentary lifestyles. Despite the widespread presence of lower back pain, it is mostly a self-recovering disorder and resolves by itself in a few weeks. But for many, the pain isn't that easy to get rid of. People spend countless amounts of money in hope of getting rid of back pain, but most of the time it doesn't prove to be that helpful.

So, it becomes crucial to get the right assistance alongside precise precautions to keep this issue at bay. People who usually complain about back pain and stiffness can use an orthopedically designed lumbo sacral belt as it can help provide optimum compression and support to your back. Let’s discuss about lumbo sacaral belt in details!

What is a lumbo sacral support belt?

This belt is worn to offer support to the lumbar section of the spine. It helps reduce excessive stress on the spine, assist in spine stiffening, and increase abdominal pressure. It is also helpful in correcting the body's posture.

Pros of using a lumbo sacral belt

A fine quality back support belt would not only help in relieving back pain but would also help with your posture. Apart from this, other benefits, that you may find on using it are-

  1. Wearing this back-support belt provides extra support while you have pain back and find difficulty in making movements. So, it can help you change different positions like laying down, sitting or standing comfortably.
  2. A good lumbo sacral belt will help support your lower back and abdomen. This will help in relieving pain as some belts have heating elements that release back stress.
  3. A back-support belt would prevent you from slouching forward so, it becomes easy for you to maintain a good posture.

How to wear a Lumbosacral belt?

Wearing a lumbo sacral belt properly is necessary to get effective results. When support belts aren't properly fitted, it can cause the risk of creating more problems. Thus, you must know the proper way to wear it. The following steps would help you in wearing most braces-

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have the correct size support belt with you.
  2. Take the back-support belt and place it around your lower back area with the wings on either side of your torso.
  3. Wrap it by connecting the two ends across your abdomen.
  4. If your belt comes with extra support flaps, then you can use those for extra support around your waist area. Bring them to the front and Velcro them to the belt.
  5. Make sure that you start wrapping this belt around your lower back in a neutral position in which you are comfortable. Neither suck in your stomach nor let your belly poke out.

Following these steps would make it easy for anyone even a first-time user to wear a lumbo sacral belt.

Lumbo sacral support belt for your lower back

Lumbo sacral support belt

Purchasing a good quality back support belt is also as important as knowing its benefits. Invest in a breathable support belt, made up of 100% soft cotton fabric that can be used while performing usual activities.

Dr. Ortho Lumbo's sacral support belt is a good option available in the market. This product helps in providing comfort and stability to your lower back while improving your posture.


A lumbo sacral support belt can be a good option for lower back pain issues. Along with using this back-support belt, you can even make necessary changes in your lifestyle for an extra added benefit.  But if the issue continues for too long, it is advisable for you to consult a specialist.