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How Can a Memory Foam Cervical Pillow Aid You in Sleeping Better?

Like proper digestion is to the stomach, a night of proper sleep is to the body. If you sleep well and are well-rested, your entire day goes enthusiastically and well. But, if you are sleep-deprived, you might feel grumpy and find yourself having difficulty concentrating while working/studying or doing any other activity throughout the course of the day. With the issues of mental health on the rise, sleep-related issues are not lagging any far behind. Many people suffer from disorders like insomnia. Most people have an interrupted sleep cycle that affects them in a much greater way than they realize. Are you one of them? Using a memory foam cervical pillow can help you get a well-rested sleep. Are you wondering how?

 We will answer your question through this blog. So, you can better understand why you need a pillow designed for your comfort in contrast to the feather/cotton/wool pillows.

But firstly, let us understand how your sleep can be interrupted by something as small as using the wrong pillow. 

Using a regular pillow over a memory foam cervical pillow

As far as sleep is concerned, what pillow you use while sleeping tends to have a major impact on your sleep cycle and sleep density. Many people use wool or fiber pillows. No doubt they are comfortable but, after a certain point, your neck does feel uncomfortable in a position that is not suitable for it, especially if you sleep on your side. Still, wondering whether using a memory foam memory foam cervical pillow would be a good alternative? Let us see further to clear your doubts. 

Memory foam cervical pillow

Firstly, memory foam is designed in a way that it molds itself to hold the shape of whatever is on top of it. It constitutes a plastic called polyurethane. Moreover, if you are environmentally friendly, it is a plus since it is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, sleeping on a memory foam pillow will keep your neck in a good position and keep you from avoiding that arm ache that you sometimes get if you sleep on the wrong side. Therefore, if you are looking for something other than the pillow you currently use, you should go for a memory foam pillow. 

Unique cervical support pillow design

Dr. Ortho memory foam cervical pillow has a unique design that allows it to give you the optimum rest while you sleep. Generally, when we sleep on our side, our neck needs more support than usual. This unique pillow design allows you to rest your neck on the bulkier side and keep the head resting comfortably on the much flatter side. It is specifically designed as a pillow for cervical pain and a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of sleeping on a memory foam cervical pillow

Memory foam

Among the myriad resting benefits that anyone can get from using a memory foam pillow, we will discuss the most important ones in this blog. 

  • Good well-rested sleep
  • Freedom from neck pain
  • Best for side sleepers

Good well-rested sleep

Firstly, sleeping on a pillow designed for optimum rest gives you a good well-rested sleep. Secondly, using a memory foam cervical pillow while sleeping ensures that you have an uninterrupted sleep as you rest. Furthermore, it also keeps your head and neck in the most comfortable position possible. 

Freedom from neck pain

Usually, most of us suffer from neck pain either because of our improper posture or sleeping all wrong. If the latter is your only problem for your neck pain, then using the right pillow will free you from it. Sleeping right with an orthopedic pillow for neck pain will set your neck pain right out of the door. It is that simple. 

Best for side sleepers

Best for side sleepers

Like we said earlier in the blog, a memory foam pillow is best for side sleepers. Although it is beneficial for everyone, it needs to be said separately for the side sleepers. Since the side sleepers need some extra care and comfort, it is best to have it out in the open that it helps them have a well-rested sleep too, with its unique design. 


Dr. Ortho orthopaedic pillow is a memory foam cervical pillow designed with your comfort in mind. We have a wide range of products that aid in making life easier on the tracks of life and ease your pain as much as can be done naturally and helpfully. We hope this is helpful. If you have any further queries, comment down below or drop us a text. Kindly like and share this blog with your well-wishers.