Get Rid of Joint Pain and Stiffness

How to Get Rid of Joint Pain and Stiffness

Joint pain and stiffness all over the body can happen because of many reasons. Some of which can be an injury, exertion, wearing out of cartilages, and wrong body posture. Even though people of any age can face stiffness in the body and sometimes even joint pain, it is more common in the elderly. Considering the fact that they are free of any side effects, the ayurvedic pain relief methods are something worth trying, among the many methods of pain relief. 

The human body needs proper care and well maintenance like any machinery. Especially when most of us keep going and making our bodies work like machines. It is either that or us just staying at one place like a couch potato and not moving much, which is not suitable for the body. 

Ayurvedic Pain relief methods

When the stiffness and the pain become unbearable, only then do we pay any attention to our bodies. When ideally, we should be taking care of our body's well being from the very beginning itself. No matter what the case, if you have reached the point where you need help. Then there are ayurvedic pain relief methods you can try. These methods include making changes in your practices that might not be suitable for a healthy body. 

Routine changes

Changing your routine does not mean you have to change everything. Remember, life does not revolve around pain. Making small lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on your health. This is why adding things like yoga, cycling, light exercise and going for walks can help your routine a lot. Plus, a good sleeping schedule and getting in touch with nature through walks and gardening are also helpful in staying on track with your routine and keeping your mind calm. 

Diet changes

Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet that have pain-relieving qualities is also beneficial. As per Ayurveda, Consuming foods that are warm, soft, & not very spicy helps maintain balance in the body. Because a healthy and wholesome diet is what helps keep the mind and body healthy and energized. There are six ayurvedic eating rules that you can follow if it suits you:

  1. Eating warm and fresh food.
  2. Eating slowly to chew properly and enjoy the food.
  3. Being attentive to what you are consuming while eating
  4. Eating more only once the previous meal has been digested. 
  5. Eating the six Rasas. (sweet, acidic, salt, savoury, bitter and astringent.)
  6. Eating mindfully

Ayurvedic joint Pain relief therapies

Even though there are many ayurvedic pain relief therapies available to choose from, one should be mindful of the pain that troubles them. The kind of pain that is bothering you will decide which therapy is most suitable for relieving it. For general muscle stiffness, there are some pain relief massages that you can try. Furthermore, for targeted relief, there are joint care products that can be helpful to some extent. 

Ayurvedic pain relief massage

A pain relief massage in Ayurveda is simple. You can use natural oils and gently massage your body and the stiff areas. This will help enhance the blood circulation in the body and make the stiff muscles ease up, giving you pain relief as you need.

Ayurvedic oil for knee pain

For joint pains like knee joint pain, which is very common in athletes and the elderly, ayurvedic oil for knee pain can be helpful. If you have pain in joints like the shoulder joint, back pain, neck pain, other helpful natural oils target specific body areas. Dr. Ortho oil is one such oil that has the goodness of eight natural herbs and oils. 


If you still need more help with regulating the pain and stiffness, you can try Dr. Ortho's joint care products. These are designed specifically for helping with pain and keeping one healthy. Dr. Ortho has products dedicated to various needs like knee support for running, back support for working, driving, studying, etc. With a versatile range, you can take your pick.