Best Orthopaedic back support for office chair

Best Orthopaedic Support for Office Chair

Why do we need orthopaedic back support in our day to day lives? It is not only the pandemic that has affected our posture and working habits. Usually, we tend to get so busy in our day to day tasks and even when we take breaks like going for a long drive, we tend to be ignorant. Ignorant of what? Ignorant of our sitting habits, our posture etc. 

When we are at work, even then we are so focused on the deadlines at hand, that we often forget about our back, shoulders, and sitting posture. These things appear simple, but they may result in back pain, shoulder stiffness, neck pain etc. 

What is back pain?

Back pain is a term used to describe discomfort or pain anywhere on the spine or back. It might be happening as a result of an injury, or it can even be caused by overworking, lifting too much, or sitting or lying down for lengthy periods.

How does sitting for a long period cause back pain?

Mostly, in desk jobs, sitting in the same position for prolonged hours is normal. We tend to shift our weight forward because our body becomes tired, and the muscles that keep our spine in the proper position tend to weaken because of that. To compensate we slouch forwards. Which puts more strain on our spine, resulting in muscle tension, lower back discomfort, bad posture and back pain.

How does an Orthopedic Back Support prove to be helpful?

Orthopedic Back Support

So how can we avoid such issues? Taking frequent breaks and using a chair with adequate back support are usually recommended. Investing in an orthopedically designed Orthopedic Back Support can be helpfulIt can help increase your productivity by enhancing your office experience. The main benefits of using back support are- 

  1. The spine, neck, and shoulders will all be aligned appropriately. As a result, your posture and overall well-being will considerably improve, as you will be in less pain.
  2. With your back fully supported, you will experience less pain in your neck, shoulder, and back region. It will allow you to work pain-free and much more enthusiastically. 
  3. Adequate back support will make you feel comfortable. And with comfort will come productivity and energy. 

Which Orthopedic back support to choose?

Orthopedic back support

With so many options available in the market, selecting the perfect back support may get a little difficult for you. This is why it is important to select wisely. An economical, efficient and comfortable back support that is also adjustable to ensure maximum comfort whenever and wherever you sit can be your go-to. Dr. ortho's Orthopedic back support for the chair is an adequate option for back support. It consists of memory foam, which provides the back with relaxing comfort and support. It also comes with adjustable straps and is pretty economical. To add to its benefits, it is also lightweight and can be ported to any place easily. Ideal support for your working hours and road trips. 

What are some other options that can help in back pain?

Even if you have purchased back support for your office chair, prolonged sitting posture is still bad for the spine’s health. To avoid it, you can- 

  1. Stand up, stretch or walk for a few minutes after regular time intervals. 
  2. Try to follow a 20-minute walk routine. It will help in promoting healthy blood flow to your spine.
  3. Do regular movement as it is good not only for your spine's health but also promotes healthy joints, ligaments, and muscles. So, it allows you to focus your energy on productive matters. 
  4. Don't forget to use Orthopedic back support.


Slouching forward not only causes back pain but is also a major reason for back pain, headaches, and poor concentration. All this can harm your work performance. Hence, stay focused with a beneficial posture. We hope you found this article helpful. Do let us know your queries, we would be happy to assist you. Back pain is a serious issue, if your pain persists, consult a professional.