Dr. Ortho Orthopedic Mattress
Dr. Ortho Orthopedic Mattress
Dr. Ortho Orthopedic Mattress
Dr. Ortho Orthopedic Mattress
Dr. Ortho Orthopedic Mattress
Dr. Ortho Orthopedic Mattress
Dr. Ortho Orthopedic Mattress

Dr. Ortho Orthopaedic Mattress

Rs 14,100.00 – Rs 22,800.00

Dr. Ortho orthopedic mattresses provide 7 zone support, and help to reduce joint pain specifically back, shoulder and neck pain. You get a comfortable sleep with Dr. Ortho.

• With different layers of different densities of foam, Dr. Ortho orthopaedic mattresses support the body accurately
• Dr. Ortho mattresses are equally good for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers
• The premium quality foam makes Dr. Ortho mattresses durable
• Give support to back, shoulder, and neck so prevents stiffness and pain
• Comfy sleep experience all night long
• Comprise of ventilation and cooling properties so, prevent sweating and keep the body cool

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Single (72 x 36 x 8 Inches | 183 x 91 x 20 Cm)
King (72 x 72 x 8 Inches | 183 x 183 x 20 Cm)
Rs 19.99
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4-layer Support

Memory Foam with cool gel, and latex, paired with 2 layers of HR Foam, this mattress is designed to provide orthopaedic support.


A mattress with medium firmness alleviates pressure points to subject muscles to less strain. It is neither too rigid, nor too soft, making it perfect for all kinds of sleepers. It is a nice balance of bounce and support.

Natural Fabric

The use of natural fabric like cotton adds to the luxurious and comfortable sleep, paired with a fresh & soft feel. 



 1. Memory Foam with cool gel (1 inch) 

 2. Latex (1 inch) 

 3. High Resiliency Foam (HR) (layer 1) (2 inches) 

 4. HR Foam (layer 2) (4 inches) 


A mattress with medium firmness is firm enough to provide support to the body, while also being slightly cushioned for adequate comfort. It also enhances proper alignment with proper weight distribution. 


Its orthopaedic design provides 7-zone support, i.e., delivering support from head to toe. Starting from the head to the Neck, Shoulders, Back, Hips, Legs and Feet, this mattress provides targeted comfort to reduce pressure points.



The memory foam with cool gel in the mattress helps disperse body heat while the use of hypoallergenic, natural fabric for the top cover helps with anti-sweat properties. Thus, helping you enjoy a cool and comfy sleep.


Q: I am suffering from back pain, Can I use Dr. Ortho Mattresses?

Yes, Dr. Ortho mattresses comprising memory foam with cool gel, Latex and HR Foam are perfect for people suffering from back pain and other back discomforts.

Q: Are Dr. Ortho mattresses hard like other brands’ mattresses?

No, Dr. Ortho mattresses are made using fine-quality foam that properly supports the back, shoulders, and neck. These mattresses are the perfect choice for all side, stomach, and back sleepers. The mattresses are soft and give fine comfort.

Q: Which mattresses are best to use?

People who usually suffer from back pain, stiffness and other back discomforts can opt for mattresses made of memory foam, latex and HR (High-Resilience) foam. Dr. Ortho mattresses comprises qualities of all these foams so, a perfect pick for everyone.

Q: Can Anyone use Dr. Ortho Mattresses?

Yes, Dr. Ortho mattresses are all good for everyone. You can switch to Dr. Ortho mattresses for better comfort and sound sleep. Dr. Ortho mattresses ensure fine support to the back and overall body so, preventing back pain after hours of sleep.




1. We aim to deliver the products in minimum 15 days of placing the order. However, the timelines can differ depending on the pin code.

2. Shipping usually takes place within 24-48 hours of placing the order. In case the order is placed on weekends or any holiday, the order will be processed on the next working day.


1. Dr. Ortho Orthopaedic mattress has been covered under the warranty policy of 7 years to provide you with the best quality and manufacturing standards.

2. The warranty is limited to the sagging of the mattress and does not cover fabric damage, such as tears, stains, color fading, bleeding, soiling, or burns. 

3. The warranty does not cover depressions of fewer than 1.5 inches since in its initial use, there may be a slight depression as the mattress conforms to your body shape. 

4. For detailed information, kindly refer to the warranty card delivered with the product.


1. Our mattress can be used immediately after delivery, though keep in mind that the packaged mattress only regains its full shape and comfort after approximately 72 hours.

2. Your body needs a couple of weeks to adapt to the new mattress. So be patient with its use. 

3. In some cases, the mattress also has a noticeable smell at the time of unpackaging. Kindly note that this smell is not harmful or toxic in any way and disappears over time. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Prakash Joshi
Has cool gel !

I like it . Nice product also it has cool gel memory foam so I don't wake up feeling hot.

Brij Kishore Rai
A good medium-firm matress

A good product. Neither too hard nor too soft. Also comes with a cover so it is easy to keep it safe and clean.

Radhika Chauhan
Great product!

Very soft and comfy mattress. It was delivered very nicely. Thanks Dr. Ortho for safe delivery of my product.

Rajni Biswas
Worth the price

Was looking for a orthopaedic mattress and Dr. Ortho came up with this product at the right time!

Harish Thakkar
Sturdy product

Good design and sturdy material is used for this mattress. So, worthy for price.