Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Balm - Dr. Ortho Store
Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Balm - Dr. Ortho Store
Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Balm - Dr. Ortho Store
Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Balm - Dr. Ortho Store

Dr. Ortho Pain Relieving Balm - 40g

Rs 136.00 Rs 105.00

• Helps relieve headache, body ache, and other muscle discomforts
• Formulated with 7 powerful natural herbs
• Helps provide a warm and soothing effect
• Purely an Ayurvedic product without any side effects

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Dr. Ortho Balm | Care Of Ayurveda | Blend Of Herbs | Effective in Body Pain

Dr. Ortho Balm is one of the best balm for pain. This ayurvedic pain balm is made with 7 naturally efficient herbs that are very soothing for muscle cramps, body aches and headaches. Usually, ayurvedic pain balms are sticky and messy to use. But, This ayurvedic pain balm is beneficial for providing pain relief for the joints and body with a non-sticky and mess-free application.


The combined ayurvedic efficiency of these7 herbs in its blend helps Dr. Ortho Balm, in being very beneficial for easing and soothing discomforts in the body. This Ayurvedic balm for knee pain, headaches, joint pain, has advantageous herbs like Nilgiri oil, Clove oil, Camphor crystals, Turpentine Oil, GandhPura Oil, Pudina Crystals, and Dalchini oil. Camphor crystals are known for being used with other relieving agents like clove oil, which has hemostatic properties.


Some of these herbs in Dr. Ortho Balm have anti-inflammatory qualities, some have pain-relieving qualities and some come with calming and refreshing qualities. Together, these rich qualities of the herbs ensure this pain relief balm gives the intended benefit to the users. What is better is the fact that this ayurvedic pain balm is free from any side effects* upon usage. Since, it is made with the goodness of herbs, Dr. Ortho Balm is safe to use. 


Any allergic reaction can occur if the user is allergic to the ingredients mentioned or the base of the balm. Do check the ingredients before usage. 



Customer Reviews

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S.No. Ingredient Function
1 Nilgiri oil It possesses analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties so, helps in getting relief from joint pain.
2 Clove oil Clove oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hemostatic properties.
3 Camphor Crystal Camphor is used solely or in combination with other treatments for the relief of pain, inflammation and irritation in the body and skin.
4 Turpentine Oil Cheed Oil is a rich source of saponins and flavonoids that has inhibitory effects on the enzyme involved in the induction of inflammation.
5 GandhPura Oil Gandhapura Oil contains methyl salicylate, which possesses broad spectrum of activities and helps get relief from joint and muscle pain.
6 Pudina Crystals Menthol content in Pudina is a blessing to provide cooling sensation to body, heals headache and joint pain.
7 Dalchini Oil The herb is known to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties due to which it is helpful in conditions like Arthritis and joint pain

How to use

  • Apply gently on the affected area or as directed by the physician.