The Causes and Tips of Joint Pain

The Causes and Tips of Joint Pain for Winter

The Winter season comes with a lot of hassle. Most of us need to do the regular body moments for the daily tasks. In winters, this seems a bit much. Considering the dropping temperature outside and the changing pressure. There are many ways to get the joint pain relief your joints may need. Although, there are always some ways better than others. 

Usually, with temperature change, the dynamics of our body change as well. Problems like arthritis and other joint-related issues can get worse in winters. Do your hurting legs, back, and muscles trouble you in winters as well? Winters tend to do that to our bodies. 

It is important to know what causes such dynamic changes in our bodies during the cold season. Sometimes it is the lack of proper warmth, and other times it can be a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. All varying from person to person. 

Let us dive into the winter joint care tips for better joints this winter season. 

How cold can affect your joints

There are many ways in which cold can affect your joints. Even people with healthy bodies sometimes feel their knees going weak in winters. It does not happen for no reason. There are always causes behind the things your body goes through. Although, the causes might vary from person to person and temperature to temperature. 

Your muscles, joints, and blood flow, everything gets affected. 

Stiffening up of muscles in winters

Stiffening up of muscles in winters

Cold therapy is for easing inflammation. In case anyone has inflammation in joints. It works because it stiffens up the muscles. That act reduces inflammation. 

In winters, the cold temperature does the same. When this happens, your movements get very limited. 

Joints respond to air pressure

The sensory nerves present in joints identify the variation in the climatic influence. The pressure in the joints fluctuates. It fluctuates along with the fluid depending on the pressure outside. 

The change in atmospheric pressure might cause inflammation in your joints. That inflammation can end up in joint pain. 

The drop in blood flow

A harsh climate can hamper your vital organs. This is why your body regulates its blood flow. That is why it directs the blood more towards the vital organs. As a result of which your joints may suffer. 

Tips for joint pain relief during the winter season

No matter what condition your joints are in the winter season, they need special care. Whether we talk about dressing warm or massaging on the weekends, it is all a part of joint care. Yet, there are some joint care tips that you can use for your joint pain relief. 

Stay active and hydrated

pain relief during the winter season

As we know, the blood flow gets redirected to the vital organs. So, it becomes important to stay active with activities like cycling, jogging, stretching. Staying active will help balance out the blood flow. Also, it will help maintain your warm body temperature. 

As for hydration, you will need to replenish your body with hydration. Especially after your active sessions. Dehydration makes it difficult for your body to maintain its temperature in winter. Thus, it is important to stay hydrated. Plus, it will help maintain your body’s energy and hydration needs. 

Stay warm by dressing warm

Winters bring a cold climate. To save your joints from the cold, dress in warm clothes. If you keep yourself warm, it will help you with joint pain relief. If you are someone who likes to dress to impress, then layering up clothes is best. It will not only keep you warm, but you can keep up with fashion at the same time. 

Gentle warm oil massage

Gentle warm oil massage

To ease your joint pain in winters, you can use warm oil. Warm oil’s gentle massage will help ease your pain to a large extent. Dr. Ortho oil has a mix of 8 herbal oils that can give you relief from pain. A warm oil massage will help increase the blood flow in that area and relax your stiff joints. 

Do not forget your supplements

In the end, do not forget your vitamins and supplements. Dr. Ortho has a wide range of products that help you with your joint pain relief. Do check out our website and let us know if you find this article helpful.