Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil

How can an Ayurvedic Pain Oil be Helpful in Joint Pain?

Many of us tend to miss out on things because of the pains in our bodies. Be it simple muscle pain, sprain or joint pain. Even though there are many oils and medications available, it is hard to choose the one which can be most suitable and helpful for our body. Before we see how an ayurvedic pain relief oil is beneficial in joint pain, It is vital to understand that it can affect the day to day life of a person. There are myriad reasons why one might face joint pain. 

Joint pain is usually caused by excessive strain on the joints or general health issues unless it is a chronic disease. So, it is vital to seek professional help when the discomfort in the joints gets out of hand. Too much pain can be an early sign of a chronic illness. 

Benefits of using an ayurvedic pain relief oil

ayurvedic pain relief oil

Firstly, Finding a pain relief oil in India is not as difficult to find as it might be in other places. Secondly, Being the land where Ayurveda originated, this land has numerous natural herbs and plants which play a key role in diversifying the ayurvedic remedies and medicines. Using an ayurvedic pain relief oil has many benefits. It can help with inflammation and joint pain with no side effects. 

Helps with pain naturally

Using an ayurvedic oil helps ease joint and other painful discomforts naturally. Ayurvedic oil comes from the extractions of naturally existing herbs/plants/their parts. It does not require other additions like many products available for joint pain relief. 

Can help reduce inflammation

When one uses an ayurvedic pain relief oil, some of the qualities of the herbs can help reduce the inflammation caused due to excessive pain. Some natural oils like Flaxseed oil (Alsi oil) and Chaste tree oil (Nirgundi oil) have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation and ease joint and muscle pain when applied to the affected area. 

Side effect-free

The best part about using naturally occurring pain killer oil is that it is free from any side effects that might occur otherwise with chemical-ridden products. Natural ingredients too can have an allergic reaction on the skin sometimes. This is why it is important to note that factor. Why? Simply because some people are allergic to products that occur naturally. Nut allergies are common. So before using any oil or essential oil concentrates, look at the ingredients in the mix of oils. If you are using oil that only has one ingredient make sure you are not allergic to that particular ingredient. 

Ayurvedic pain relief oils helpful for joint pain

So far, we have seen the benefits that we can get from ayurvedic oils for joint and muscle pain. Now, let us see some of the ayurvedic oils known for their natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Camphor oil (Kapoor oil)
  • Pine oil (Cheed oil)
  • Flaxseed oil (Alsi oil)
  • Chaste tree oil (Nirgundi oil)
  • Sesame seed oil (Til oil)

Chaste tree oil or Nirgundi oil

Chaste tree oil or Nirgundi oil is an ayurvedic pain relief oil naturally extracted from a plant called Vitex negundo. Even though this plant has many medicinal benefits, the oil extracted from its leaves is beneficial because of its pain-relieving qualities. It helps with the pain by helping reduce the inflammation and swelling in the joints of the affected area. 

Pine oil or cheed oil

Pine oil or cheed oil comes by using steam distillation from the needles, branches and cones of the tree known as Pinus sylvestris. The flavonoids present in pine oils help relieve the inflammation of the affected area. It is generally known for its refreshing fragrance, but it has many other health benefits as well. 

Camphor oil or Kapoor oil

We get Camphor oil or Kapoor oil from the distillation of chipped wood of the Cinnamomum camphora tree. This oil is useful because of its many health benefits. Furthermore, other than being advantageous for various health conditions, it is well known to help with joint pain-related issues. This ayurvedic pain relief oil has natural pain-soothing qualities. It also helps stimulate blood circulation in the affected area when applied gently. 

Dr. Ortho pain relief oil 

Dr. Ortho pain relief oil

To conclude, Dr. Ortho oil is ayurvedic pain relief oil that has the benefits of 8 naturally occurring herbal extracts. It has the potent qualities of well known pain-relieving oils to provide the user with the best soothing experience. The user can use this highly effective oil for easing their joint discomforts naturally.