Take Care of Muscle Strain in The Neck with Dr. Ortho

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After long hours of sitting and working in front of your laptop screens is sure to not only exhaust you mentally but also physically. The most affected of it all, however, is your neck. Be it poor posture, cold weather or an awkward sleeping position, all of these can be a cause of tense neck muscles, and while the pain usually goes away within a few hours or a few days, in certain situations, there are chances of it coming back, that too with higher intensity. Hence, be it a bearable or unbearable kind of muscle strain in the neck, proper care is necessary for all situations. 

Moreover, that would be possible only when you know the cause and symptoms along with the area which is being affected by pain to find the right type of solution. 

The structure of our neck

The neck is a portion of our body which connects our head to our shoulders and chest. There are more than 20 neck muscles, all of them being voluntary. This means that you can control its movement and work. Neck muscles are categorized into 3 types based on their placement- at the front (Anterior), sides (Lateral) and back (Posterior) of your neck. The composition of these muscles is like other skeletal muscles present in the body- tiny elastic fibres that help muscles to contract. 

Purpose of neck muscles

Purpose of neck muscles

Neck muscles perform a variety of functions in our everyday life-  

  • Helps with the movement of the head in all directions
  • Assists with chewing, swallowing and speaking
  • Supports and stabilizes head, neck and spine
  • Creating certain facial expressions

Is muscle strain in the neck common?

Since our neck bears the weight of our head, together with performing so many essential functions every day, it can be at risk of injuries and discomfort. Other possible causes of distress in your neck can be- 

Nerve compression- The vertebrae of the neck can press on the nerves branching from the spinal cord because of herniated disks or bone spurs.

Injuries- A sudden impact caused due to a car accident, bike accident, or sports injury can cause the head and the cervical spine to move too quickly, causing whiplash or similar injuries.

Overuse- Hunching in front of your computer, in your chair or sleeping in an uneasy position can cause pain. If such activities are continued for a longer period, can trigger the muscles in such a way that even daily activities like reading can augment the pain.

Disease- Arthritis like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis, or even meningitis or cancer, can cause neck pain.

Wear and Tear- Similar to other joints in our body, neck joints are also at risk due to the age factor. Daily use for so many years can wear and tear the joints as a response to which the body forms bone spurs that can affect joint motion and cause discomfort. 

How to take care of the muscle strain in the neck?

Strain in your neck muscles not only brings discomfort but can also bring numbness, soreness, weakness and sharp, persistent pain. Hence, it becomes important to start taking care of the symptoms before the situation worsens. You can follow these steps to take care of the muscle strain in the neck-   

  • Applying heat to ease the pain 
  • Avoid staying in one position for too long. Instead, move around frequently so that your neck doesn't get stuck in one position. 
  • If you work on a laptop or PC, make some changes and position it at your eye level so that you can see it easily. 
  • Avoid using pillows that are too high or with too many pillows as it can suppress the range of motion of your neck. You can try using an orthopaedic pillow as it will provide apt support with pain-relieving abilities. It will also protect your neck from pain-causing situations. 

Dr. Ortho for relief from a muscle strain in the neck

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Talking about the orthopaedic pillow, Dr. Ortho's orthopaedic cervical pillow can be a great replacement for your everyday pillow. Its skin-friendly material and great design provide apt support to the neck region. This helps to ease discomfort and provides a good night's sleep. Even people who aren't suffering from any kind of neck issues can switch to this product. 

However, if the pain continues to persist, try visiting a specialist before the pain worsens. 


What are the symptoms experienced during neck muscle strain?

  • Experiencing pain in the neck region
  • Sharp, throbbing pain
  • Movement worsens the pain
  • Stiffness and inflammation
  • Muscle cramps

Will hot & cold therapy help with easing muscle strain in the neck?

Yes, both hot & cold therapy help ease the muscle strain experienced in the neck. While ice helps to reduce swelling, heat helps to loosen the muscles and improve stiffness.

How does Dr. Ortho's cervical pillow work to ease the pain?

Dr. Ortho’s orthopaedic cervical pillow is made up of 100% cotton, skin-friendly, non-allergenic fabric on the outside and memory foam on the inside. From helping with your awkward sleeping position to easing fatigue with its pressure-relieving abilities, its unique orthopaedic design helps in maintaining the cervical alignment of the spine.

Can massage help to ease the pain?

Massages are known to help with easing pain, relieve tension and improve the range of motion. Hence, it can be beneficial for alleviating neck sprain.