Looking For Tennis Elbow Solutions? Ayurveda Can Be Helpful

tennis elbow

Elbow pain can easily be one of the most ignored body parts. So, it's nothing unusual if a person suffering from discomfort in their elbow chooses to ignore the pain rather than find a solution. But, sometimes ignoring that pain can prove to be troublesome as it can proceed to become something big. And one of the most common conditions is known as Tennis Elbow. But don't get confused with its name, as people of any profession can get affected by this condition. So, one can be found looking for effective tennis elbow solutions since not many people have appropriate knowledge about the same. 

Therefore, to help you, we have come up with this blog. It has everything that you need to know about this medical condition along with the steps that you need to follow to ease the pain. In addition, we have also added a product recommendation that can be a quick fix! So, stay till the end.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow

To explain it in easy terms, Tennis Elbow is a painful condition in which the tendons of our elbows get overloaded due to all the repetitive motions of our wrists and arms, that it performs over time. It mainly affects the outer portion of the elbow, sometimes even the forearm and wrist and mostly affects the dominant arm. 

What are the symptoms of tennis elbow?

When a person experiences tennis elbow, he might face the following problems- 

  • Burning pain that travels from the outside of your elbow to your forearm and wrist. 
  • Trouble turning a doorknob or holding something
  • Feeling of weakness in gripping an object
  • Stiffness on extending your arm

Who is prone to get affected by this condition?

Tennis elbow doesn't just affect athletes but any person whose profession requires a lot of regular, repetitive actions. Sometimes, certain accidents can also be the reason behind elbow pain. A few such occupations include- 

  • Players of games like- Baseball, softball, golf, tennis, squash, etc. 
  • Dentists
  • Chefs
  • Painters 
  • Plumbers
  • Musicians

The best tennis elbow solutions

Usually, the pain that arises from tennis elbow eases on its own in a few days or weeks. For additional comfort, you can also try out any of the following preventive, self-care measures at home. 

  • Rest- The first step towards recovery from any injury or accident is to rest properly. So, make sure to avoid participating in sports or heavy work activities for a few weeks. 
  • Ice Therapy - Icing is well-known for its pain and swelling-relieving properties. Doing it for a few days, for 20-30 minutes, every 3-4 hours can prove to be beneficial. 
  • Try motion exercises- Exercises, especially motion exercises (since they aim at a certain joint) help reduce stiffness and increase flexibility. 
  • Brace - A brace designed especially for your elbow will help to give support, and rest to your muscles and tendons while also easing symptoms.
  • Pain Relievers - Probably the easiest and quick option on the list. A lot of Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are available in the market in the form of pain reliever sprays, ointments and medicines. 
  • Specialist treatment - In case, no home remedies are working for you, visiting a specialist can probably be the last and best option as they might suggest you opt for additional medical tests as a part of your tennis elbow solutions.

The best pain relief spray for relief from tennis elbow

best pain relief spray

Talking about OTC medications, the most affordable, effective, and quick is a pain reliever spray. The reason is their easy-to-use design and quick pain-relieving properties. Moreover. Dr. Ortho's ayurvedic pain reliever spray can be a great option for you to choose from. Its blend of 6 ayurvedic herbs like Nilgiri, Dalchini, Alsi, Gandhapura, etc. helps to absorb quickly into the skin to provide pain relief. Also, as it is 100% ayurvedic, it is completely non-allergic and skin-friendly, making it one of the best pain relief sprays

 Therefore, if you think that you might be suffering from any symptoms of tennis elbow, then try using Dr. Ortho's ayurvedic pain reliever spray. In case, the pain persists, visit a doctor to get an accurate, professional diagnosis and remedy. 


Is surgery required for tennis elbow?

Surgery is not a necessity to ease tennis elbow, only in cases when all other home remedies and medications prove to be of no help. 

What are the main causes of tennis elbow?

The main reason for tennis elbow is overuse of the forearm due to repetitive strenuous activities. Apart from this, banging or knocking on your elbow frequently can cause tiny tears and inflammation to develop near your elbow. 

In how many days can tennis elbow be treated?

Usually, tennis elbow eases on its own if you give it enough time to get proper rest. The addition of home remedies can speed up the process and in case, the pain stays for a long time, visit a specialist.

How to use Dr. Ortho spray for relief from the Tennis elbow?

The best way to use Dr.Ortho pain reliever spray to get relief from tennis elbow is to spray on the affected area, 3-4 times a day. Make sure to spray it from 5-8 cm on the affected area and avoid spraying on open wounds.