Risk Factors Leading to The Knee Pain

Risk Factors Leading to The Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most commonly faced discomforts in most age groups. Commonly found in the elderly, it is pretty prevalent in people above the age of 25 nowadays. Currently, the reduction in the age group could be due to the lack of moments in millennials, or just the degrade from a healthy lifestyle. Earlier, people used to have a healthy and flexible lifestyle by the beginning of this century. With the advancement in technology, people have become lazy and find it much more convenient to eat unhealthy, lazy out on their day off and relax. 

It is not just the joint pain issues or other physical ailments that are on the rise. People are suffering from mental health issues as well. Sometimes, these mental health issues tend to reflect on the physical well-being of a person as well.

Keeping the risks in mind helps one solve the issues at hand. 

Risk factors leading to knee pain

Among many other risk factors that lead to joint or knee pain, lifestyle factors happen to be on top of the list. Staring with obesity, followed by lack of flexibility or, in contrast to it, being heavily involved in sports and other physical activities. Accidents or unwanted injuries are one of the primary risk factors for knee and joint pain. 

Other than the lifestyle choices, there are medical risk factors too that result in knee pain or discomfort in the various parts of the body. 

The medical factors could lead to chronic knee more than lifestyle choices. Yet, one must remember that bad lifestyle choices could lead to serious medical ailments. 



Obesity is one of the widely discussed concerns for knee pain and numerous medical ailments. Being overweight not only leads to diabetes, hypertension but can also be one of the leading factors for arthritis. Arthritis causes severe joint and knee pain. To avoid it, one must maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to stay fit. Eat healthily and exercise. Keeping your calorie intake could also help you in maintaining your body mass index. Doing so will further help you avoid knee pain in the future. 

Lack of flexibility

Most people tend to spend their lives not worrying about the movement of their bodies. The lack of flexibility of the joints and muscles could cause joint, muscle, or knee pain. The digitalized world does give us a look into the world just through our windows or IOS, but it is vital to step out and explore for ourselves. It is not just for the experience but to keep our bodies healthy and flexible. 

Heavily involved in sports, etc

Heavily involved in sports

Firstly, as we discussed, staying fit requires working out, sports, or keeping your body flexible. Yet, exerting your body with hyperactivity could lead to knee and joint pain. The constant and regular movement of the knee joints could create too much friction of the cartilage and, it can lead to a form of arthritis that causes knee pain. Furthermore, to avoid it, one must take breaks now and then. Keep your physical activity moderate. 

Injuries or accidents

If you have been in an accident or had an injury, that could also become a risk factor for the knee pain that you might face. They do not necessarily cause joint pain but could cause it if the injuries are severe or directly near the joints. To stay safe from accidents, one must avoid the clumsiness and drive safely. 

Products that can help ease your knee pain

Like we discussed earlier in the blog, knee pain has many risk factors. You cannot always avoid it. Some products can help you ease your pain to some extent if you have been precautious and yet somehow end up suffering from knee pain. Dr. Ortho brings such products to the market for your convenience. Precaution is better than cure, but sometimes you have to use things that can ease your troubles, if not solve them entirely. These products make the journey of a life a little more bearable. 

Dr. Ortho ayurvedic medicinal oil

With the composition of 8 enriching herbal oils, this ayurvedic pain relief oil eases your joint and knee pain. It also helps with inflammation, soreness, or any other discomfort that you might be facing. 

Dr. Ortho Pain reliever spray

Pain reliever spray

Firstly, the Dr. Ortho pain reliever spray aids in easing your joint and knee pains along with sprains, muscle discomfort, or any other body aches. Secondly, it is an ayurvedic knee pain spray that you can use. Spray this blend of 10 ayurvedic herbs on the pain-ridden area for best results. Lastly, if you feel that sprays are easier to use, then you should use this one.

Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic pain relief balm

With an ayurvedic blend of 7 medicinal herbs, this balm for pain helps ease your knee pain. It also helps with headaches, neck aches, and other aches in your body. You can apply this to the pain-ridden area for best results.

Dr. Ortho pain-relieving ointment

At last, this is another product by Dr. Ortho that is in an ointment form. It is one of the leg pain ointments, which also helps with pain in the body. This ointment can assist in easing your neck, elbow, shoulder, and knee pain. You should apply this to the area that you feel pain in for the best results.


Lastly, we hope the things discussed here were helpful for you in understanding knee pain and how you can work towards easing it. Also, if you liked this blog, kindly like, share, and let us know in the comments.