Joint Pain: Understanding Types, Causes and How to Ease The Discomfort

Joint pain is a common health issue in senior citizens as well as adults. Although, anyone in any age group can fall prey to this discomfort. Various studies show that it tends to be much more prevalent in females than males. Yes, obesity also happens to be one of the underlying causes for joint pain but not as much as we might have thought. Research published in the Indian Journal Of Orthopedics shows that in the sample size of 4909, 28.7% of people who suffered from osteoarthritis (One of the common causes of Joint Pain.) weighed normal as per their BMI, and the percentage of people who suffered from a similar ailment that were obese was 33%. 

The difference being 4.3%, it would be wrong to say that only obese people are at the risk of suffering from joint pain. 

Is your pain only restricted to some areas of the body, or is it widespread? Do you have any other signs of infirmity along with the pain? Answering these questions before going further is vital. It will help you understand whether you need to rest or seek suitable joint pain treatment under the care of a professional instantly.  There could be numerous causes and types of joint pain. Let us help you understand them.

Types and causes of joint pain

Arthritis is one of the most prevalent underlying causes of joint pain. The frequently complained discomfort is that of knees, shoulders, and hip. Other than arthritis, the pain in your joint can be because of an injury, shock, exhaustion, or hereditary factors. There are numerous types of joint pain. Most of which are a result of severe health ailments. Some of the most general causes of the said discomfort are; growing age, overweight, accidents, and chemical imbalance in the body. 

Injuries and viral infections

Mostly, people who complain of joint discomfort have either been in an accident or sprained their body parts in one way or the other. In some cases, people also expose themselves to viral infections unknowingly, which results in joint pain. When you are involved in an accident that might have ended with a significant injury or just a solid hit on any of your bones, it could cause pain in their bones or joints in the long run.



Three types of arthritis can cause joint pain, and they remain the principal causes of joint and knee pain in women and men.

Commonly found arthritis that torments people in their day-to-day lives is osteoarthritis. It takes time to be noticeable since the wearing out of the cartilage is a time-consuming process. When the cartilage wears away, the cushion that makes the moment of joints easier is gone. That result in making your bones hurt, especially in the areas where there are joints. This ailment usually occurs in the knee, leaving you with knee joint pains. Since the body weight is on the legs, the friction is much more effective in wearing out the cartilage in that area.

The second type of arthritis is Rheumatoid arthritis. Doctors are yet to draw out the sole cause of this disease. It could be hereditary, hormonal, and dependent on environmental factors, or because of abnormal immunity. It usually occurs in hand and wrist joints. The immune system ends up attacking the joints or other organs in this disease. 

The third type of arthritis that could be the cause of your joint pain is Gout. It is a kind of inflammatory arthritis. This disease occurs because of increased levels of uric acid in the body. It is prevalent in men when compared to women. Women generally fall prey to it after crossing menopause. There are ways in which one can attain joint pain relief even if one is suffering from arthritis. 



Tendinitis is an ailment that occurs because of the swelling of the tendons of the muscles. It causes joint pain. Usually, people who suffer from this are either have a wrong body posture or are used to straining their muscles. Golfer’s elbow, runner’s knee, and swimmer’s shoulder are some of the common names given to this ailment because of its versatility. When any muscle is used for too long and is exhausted, its tendons could swell in response, thus causing pain in the nearby joints. 

Easing the discomfort of the knee and joint pain in men and women

Easing the discomfort of joint pain is not that difficult. No matter how painful it is, there are always ways and methods to relieve the pain to some extent. There are various types of medication, topical agents, and physical therapy methods available nowadays that will help you to alleviate your knee pain. If you can’t make life smooth, you can at least try making the journey a bit bearable, Right?


There are joint pain relief capsules and supplements available in the market which could be of help. Most people get prescriptions for anti-inflammatory drugs to lessen their pain. Some even use ayurvedic pain relief tablets that are available on the market. These ayurvedic remedies have helped people ease their knee joint pain to much greater extents. Medication can only help soothe your pain. 

Topical agents

Ayurvedic pain relief oil, creams, and ointments are topical agents that assist in soothing joint pains. These topical agents are readily available in the market and are easily accessible. Dr. Ortho provides a variety of ranges for these topical agents. Along with topical agents, they also have a range of orthopaedic products that ease pain associated with bones. One of the best ayurvedic pain relief oil is Dr. Ortho oil for knee and joint pain. 

Physical therapy

To soothe your hurting joints and muscles, you can go for physical therapy. Taking physical therapy under a certified physician will help you strengthen your muscles, ease your joint pain and live a more relaxed life. 

You can take the heat and cold treatment, radiation therapy, ultrasound, or electrical nerve stimulation and manipulation. These treatments should be administered by a certified physician and monitored strictly. Being overweight could also hinder your recovery. Hence, everyone must stay fit to relieve the exertion on their joints and avoid knee pain at all costs. 


Dr. Ortho has a product range of orthopaedic sprays, capsules, and oils that assist their users in easing their joint and knee pain. We understand that most of the population suffers from this discomfort. We aim to help people with our products. Our ayurvedic oil for joint pain is one of our best products.  

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