Lower Back Pain

How to Treat Lower Back Pain?

Though every pain is annoying, the worst pain is back pain, it can range a muscle pain to a burning and stabbing sensation. In today’s time with the advancement in technologies and more use of computers and laptops resulting in an unhealthy routine, no physical activity can cause serious health issues. Moreover, sitting for long hours in the same position or bending in the wrong way can cause terrible lower back muscle pain.

Why does back pain occur?

  • Muscle Strain and Ligament Sprain: - A lower back Strain happens suddenly or develops slowly over time from repetitive movement.
  • Lifting Heavy Objects: - Heavy lifting can cause a back-muscle strain or ligament sprain, most commonly in the lumbar region. the movement involved in heavy lifting can be jarring when not done properly.
  • Frequent Bending Forward: - Frequent bending forward is a common cause of back pain or lower back muscle pain. The position can put significant pressure on the lower back, causing muscles and ligaments to stretch excessively.
  • Poor Posture Over Time: - Bad posture while either sitting or standing can cause lower back muscle pain as slouching forward too much or leaning too far back can create problems.
  • Sports Injury: - Athletes are affected by lower back muscle pain and perform as weightlifters, gymnasts, golfers, rowers, divers, and football players.
  • Sciatica: - Certain sleeping positions can aggravate the sciatic nerve. This kind of pain often shoots down your legs.

To do day-to-day activities conveniently, one must take care back on a serious note. It is often advised to use Back pain belt support, which prevents from getting unwanted jerks.

Tired of experiencing back pain frequently?

Try to use a back-support belt that will give support to your back, relax lower back muscles and reduce back pain by keeping your back in the right posture.  

Reasons to wear a lower back support belt

lower back support belt

  • Relief back pain

Back Pain belts create intra-abdominal pressure by compressing muscles and joints in the area. This compression helps support muscles, promotes forward motion of the spine, and helps reduce both chronic lower back pain.

  • Improve body posture

It helps to give flexibility to the lower back during heavy weight lifting and hard training sessions, so the back stays comfortable & there is no additional strain on it.

Improve body posture

Back pain belt support gives flexibility to the lower back during lifting heavy weights while driving, sitting continuously for long hours, or doing house chores. A lower back support belt can be used daily if needed, however, it is advisable not to use it 24/7 to avoid dependency on belt support

  • Providing support

Back pain belt support gives relief when rising from sitting to standing or during other transitional movements.

  • Limits Movement

If you've had a back injury, too much movement can limit your body's ability to heal. Back support belts, limit movement and range of motion so that your body has a chance to heal properly.


Helpful in regaining the natural strength of the spine

Orthopaedically and scientifically designed brace

Support for waist and back with double adjustable straps

Features of Back Pain Belt Support

Made by using cotton Fabric

Double adjustable

Orthopedic design



Build muscle strength and flexibility

Maintain healthy weight

Quit smoking

How pain is categorized:

  • Acute pain is short-term— A few days or weeks. It often happens after an injury or specific event.
  • Chronic pain is longer-term--- It may last for several months or more. In many cases, it isn't from an injury.

Conclusion: -

The Dr. Ortho Lumbo Sacral Support Belt proves to be useful in its functions regardless of gender if worn correctly and for an adequate time.

 However, it is preferable to use The Dr. Ortho Lumbo Sacral Support Belt after a prescription from a doctor if it is a major pain to avoid side effects. Nonetheless, it provides many health benefits, making it a safer option than any other!

Are you even worried about your back pain? It can be severe if you’ll be very lenient. Get yourself a full backrest from Dr. Ortho Lumbo Support Belt. Very comfortable and beneficial for your back.


Q1. How do you heal lower back muscles?

Ans. There are several ways to heal lower back muscles like using ice on the back to reduce pain, using a pain relief ointment or pain-relieving oil, using a back-pain belt supporter, getting physical therapy and maintaining good muscle tone by exercising daily.

Q2. What does cause lower back muscles to hurt?

Ans. It is very important to know the causes, it helps to analyse the severity of pain. The first reason is age as its common in (30-40yrs) age group then lack of exercise, lifting excess weight, and poor body posture.

Q3. How does a pulled lower back muscle feel?

Ans. It will usually feel sore, tight and itchy, Pain is usually concentrated in the lower back. It may also be felt in the buttocks and/or hips, as these muscles help support the low back. Rarely does pain travel down the legs and into the calves and feet, as in cases of sciatica.