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All You Need to Know About Cervical Symptoms and Their Remedies

Apart from knee joint or back pain, another one of the most commonly experienced problems is neck pain. Also called cervical pain, its intensity varies from person to person and is generally just a mild annoyance. However, in a few people, cervical symptoms such as pain and discomfort can be too much, so much so that they may even need to visit a doctor.    

Therefore, you must have prior information regarding the signs and symptoms, which are common and which are not. This might help you in getting the correct treatment at the right time. So, today we will be discussing everything related to neck pain. 

What is neck pain?

neck pain

The part of the body between our head and shoulders is known as the neck. It is a combination of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and experiencing pain or discomfort in any of these is known as neck pain. It is regarded as a common symptom of different injuries and medical conditions. 

What are the causes of neck pain?

Just like any other problem, neck pain can also be caused by several reasons. It includes- 

  1. Injury -  Sudden movement of the head and neck in the opposite direction can lead to pain or soreness in that region due to the head jerking backwards and then forward. This strains the soft tissues of the neck, resulting in whiplash injury. 
  2. Stress- It has a major effect on the muscles in our neck since stress causes us to tense up as a part of our response to prepare for a situation. Thus, tightening the neck muscles and causing pain. 
  3. Physical Strain- Performing certain repetitive actions or strenuous activities leads to overuse of neck muscles causing neck pain and discomfort. 
  4. Ageing- With growing age, stress and repetitive actions can cause degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis. 
  5. Certain health conditions- Infection in the protective lining of the brain or spinal cord (also known as meningitis) and rheumatoid arthritis can also be the reason behind neck pain. In such a case, seek immediate professional help. 

Common signs and symptoms

A common symptom of neck pain is a dull ache. Apart from this, other cervical symptoms include-

  1. Stiffness- People facing neck pain issues often experience a feeling of "stiffness" or being stuck. A decreased range of motion is often experienced. 
  2. Sharp pain- Neck pain can also arise from the feeling of stabbing, burning pain in the affected area. 
  3. Numbness- Few times, neck pain may be the result of a pinched nerve. This means that a nerve in the neck must have been compressed or irritated due to certain reasons, causing weakness or numbness in the arms/or shoulders. 
  4. Headache- Pinched nerve or an injury affecting the neck muscles can also result in headaches. 
  5. Trouble in gripping or lifting anything- Since weakness and numbness are common symptoms experienced by our arms and shoulders while experiencing neck pain, it can also lead to trouble in picking or lifting anything. 

A person may experience one or more than 1 of these at a time.

Dr. Ortho products to ease cervical symptoms of pain

cervical symptoms of pain

Fortunately, for neck pain sufferers, Dr. Ortho has come up with a range of ayurvedic joint care products that will take care of your cervical pain. Dr. Ortho's pain reliever spray is a blend of 6 natural ingredients and gives quick relief from pain. Similarly, Dr. Ortho's orthopaedic cervical pillow for neck pain not only helps to ease the pain but, also prevents any such incident to occur anytime in the future. 

Dr. Ortho products are safe to use since they are made with natural and skin-friendly materials that will suit all skin types. 

When to visit a Doctor?

If your neck pain has developed following an injury, it would be better to consult a medical specialist since it can be possible that a serious internal injury may have occurred. Also, if the pain continues to last more than for a few days, doesn't ease with at-home remedies, and the pain starts to travel to your arms, then it's a sign to visit a doctor.  


Q. What is cervical pain and its symptoms?  

Ans. The pain in and around your neck or around the spine beneath your head is known as cervical pain. Its symptoms include-  

  • Grinding feeling while moving your neck
  • A feeling of weakness in the arms and legs 
  • Neck stiffness
  • Numbness in shoulders, arms or hands

Q. How do you check for cervical problems?  

Ans. Look for the following signs to identify the issue of cervical problems- 

  • Facing trouble in keeping your balance
  • Headache issues
  • Pain that travels down to arms and shoulder
  • Stiffness in the neck 

You may even take a physical test such as an MRI or CT scan to get an expert diagnosis. 

Q. Can cervical pain be cured?

Ans. If your pain is of mild intensity or/and in its early stages, it can be cured easily without undergoing any kind of surgery. Pain relievers, neck therapy, massage using pain relieving products like the one by Dr. Ortho, and making necessary changes in your lifestyle can greatly help ease the pain. 

Q. Which products does Dr. Ortho offer for neck pain issues?

Ans. Keeping in mind the customers' needs and preferences, Dr. Ortho offers an accessory as well as a few products to help you with cervical issues. Its orthopaedic cervical pillow can help ease the pain and give a good night's sleep. For quick and instant relief, Dr. Ortho ayurvedic oil and pain reliever spray can be a good choice.