Exercises for Knee Pain

Exercises for Knee Pain & Knee Strengthening

Exercises for knee pain are not something that would be the first thought anyone would have when dealing with knee discomfort in general. We understand that.

However, it is definitely something that can be helpful to ease the pain and, as well as strengthen the area surrounding the knee muscles. Did you know? That strengthening the muscles around your knee and thigh area can significantly help reduce the risk of straining your knee joint itself? Well, now you do know.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail, the exercises that can help with knee pain and strengthen the knee muscles as well as the muscles surrounding it.

What are exercises for knee pain?

Exercises for knee pain are the targeted stretching and strengthening physical activity that helps ease knee discomforts. In addition, these warm-ups are also very helpful for making your leg muscles stronger.

Are exercises for knee pain safe?

exercises for knee pain

Many people often have the question of whether the exercises are safe when they are already suffering from knee pain. To answer it simply, yes, they are safe if done right. It is of the maximum importance that one maintains the correct postures and positions whenever he/she is doing strengthening exercises.

Exercises for knee pain while lying down

If you are someone who has difficulty doing exercises that take a toll on you, then start with something light. The two exercises for knee pain that we will discuss further are something that you can easily do while lying down on your yoga mat or on any flat surface. These exercises are:
• Straight leg raises
• Leg Cycle

Straight leg raises

Straight leg raises

This is one of the most basic knees stretches that you can perform while lying down comfortably on the floor. Start with lying flat on the floor on your back. Proceed with bending one knee so that your foot is flat on the floor. Next, raise your other leg so it is parallel to the bent knee. Hold for 5-10 seconds, and then slowly lower it down. Repeat this 4-5 times if you are just starting out. Remember to alternate the legs now and then.

Leg Cycle

Most of us know to ride a bicycle, right? If you don't, then also it is okay. This is one of the most simple exercises for knee pain to understand and perform. It starts by lying down on the floor with your back, facing the sky or the ceiling. for maintaining the balance, extend your arms to the side for better support. Raise your both legs upward and then rotate them in a cycling motion, like a child rides a bicycle.

Exercises for knee pain while standing up

If you need something simple that does not require heavy movements, then these exercises for knee pain while standing up are your go-to. They are easy, comfortable to perform and effective. While performing these exercises, you can put on a knee cap for knee pain for better support. Two of the exercises that we will talk about are:
• Standing Hamstring curls
• Wall squats

Standing Hamstring curls

For this, you need to stand straight and keep your legs a few inches apart, about 1-2 inches would do ideally. Next, slowly bend one of your legs back while keeping the upper half of the legs parallel to one another and the bent knee to a 90-degree angle. Hold that position for about 5-7 seconds. Now come back to the relaxed position slowly. Repeat and switch the legs alternatively.

Wall squats

Among other exercises for knee pain, this one needs the help of a wall. Keep your whole body flat against a wall. Now, keep the feet about your upper thigh's length from the wall. Proceed by slowly sliding your upper body down the wall while keeping your feet in the same position. Stop at a 90-degree angle. Hold the position for a few seconds then stand up. Repeat as per your needs.

Precautions to take while performing exercises for knee pain
Even though you are trying something to help your knee pain and aid in knee strengthening, still there are some things that you must keep in mind. These will help one stay safe and keep the knee area in the most healthy state.
1. Never risk falling
2. Do not strain your joints.
3. Do not ignore pain.

Why are precautions important?

All these precautions are important and need a keen eye. For your safety and maximum benefit, it is vital that you take care of these. Even though exercises for knee pain are helpful, they can still strain your joints if there is some medical condition involved. In addition, avoiding any sort of pain while working out should not be ignored, take a break, stretch lightly and weigh your options. Also, wearing a knee cap for knee pain can give some support & protection to the knee while performing these exercises.


Q. What is the best exercise for knee pain?

Ans. There is nothing as best when it comes to exercising. Yes, there are exercises that are more effective than others. But, you must not exhaust your knee joints while you are trying to help them. So, it is better to start with something light like a straight leg raise.

Q. Can knee pain be cured by exercise?

Ans. If you have light pain, your knee pain can be helped. There is no cure for chronic illnesses. However, there are always things and exercises and lifestyle maintenance that can help soothe the pain by a lot.

Q. Is walking good for knee pain?

Ans. Yes, walking is good for knee pain, provided you do not strain your knee too much in the process.

Q. How can I make my knee stop hurting?

Ans. There are many options to help with soothing knee pain a bit. You can start by working on your body and diet first and then trying other things. Dr. Ortho is a brand dedicated to joint care that has ayurvedic products and accessories designed especially for joint pain and discomfort issues.

Q. How can I know if my knee pain is serious?

Ans. One should never ignore any kind of bodily pain. That is how our bodies tell us that something is wrong. If you have knee pain, your knee is going through something. It is always best to see a professional for such issues.