dr. ortho orthopedic mattress

Dr. Ortho Mattress – For Your Comfortable Sleep Time!

Undoubtedly, mattresses play a crucial role to make us fall asleep comfortably. So, we must purchase quality mattresses since they will not only help us rest well but also, it is an investment which will be with us for quite a few years. With the New Launch- Dr. Ortho Mattress, customers can find the answers to their search for the perfect mattress. From medium-firm bounce to hypoallergenic materials and a zipper cover, this mattress has different layers of natural materials to provide you with a peaceful and comfortable sleep. So, let's jump into the details of this freshly launched product!

7- Zone Support

Dr. Ortho Orthopedic mattress is designed to support 7-zones of your body for maximum comfort and relaxation. These zones are namely- Head & Back zone, Shoulder zone, Lumbar zone, Pelvic zone, Knee zone, Lower leg zone and Foot & Ankle zone. Each zone weighs differently and hence, requires different care. This mattress takes care of it all since its medium firmness serves individually to different body parts.

Orthopaedic Mattress for Everyone

dr. ortho orthopaedic mattress

This mattress has been made to suit the need of everyone. The different layers of materials varying in densities provide appropriate support and firmness, thus decreasing the chances of you waking up with achy joints. This mattress is-

Suitable All Kinds of Sleepers

Whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, this mattress is designed to target all needs. For e.g. In the case of side sleepers, shoulders and hips is the area which experiences the most pressure, hence requiring cushioning. A zoned mattress like the New launch- Dr. Ortho mattress cradles the areas according to their needs to keep them aligned with other body parts to prevent back pain.

Possesses Hypoallergenic Qualities

This mattress uses hypoallergenic material for its filling as well as for the covering, thus, making it suitable for all skin types since it won't cause any rashes or allergies.

Pressure Relief Benefits

Lying on a firm mattress can cause pain and discomfort since, on encountering a hard surface, the body parts get squashed due to the body's weight, causing discomfort and in some cases, even tissue damage. Laying on a too-soft mattress will snatch you off a healthy spinal alignment and may worsen the pain. Dr. Ortho's orthopedic mattress has medium firmness with a slight bounce. This helps to bridge the gap by giving the best of both worlds- the comfort of a soft mattress along with the support of a firm mattress, thus providing the pressure-relieving comfort you're looking for by evenly distributing your body weight across the surface.

Helps with Spinal Alignment

dr. ortho orthopaedic mattress

One of the most important factors to look out for in a mattress is its ability to provide spinal alignment since, without it, a lot of pressure and stress will be put on joints, muscles, tendons and spinal bones, causing pain and discomfort. The New launch- the Dr. Ortho mattress helps with spinal alignment by supporting the natural curvature of the spine to help achieve the perfect sleep.

Cooling Comfort

Dr. Ortho mattress offers 4-layer support with latex, memory foam with cool gel, and 2 layers of High Resiliency or HR Foam with varying thicknesses and densities. The cool gel technology regulates the body temperature and helps maintain an optimum temperature for a sweat-free and cool environment while sleeping.


dr. ortho orthopaedic mattress

Dr. Ortho's orthopedic mattress has been designed to provide complete comfort and support to its user. Its outer covering is made of natural, hypoallergenic fabric that has a soft feel on the skin. It is a zipper cover which is removable and washable, thus making it easy to care for. So, if you are on the lookout for the perfect and durable orthopaedic mattress, this can be your perfect pick.


What is the most important fact to consider while buying a mattress?

Comfort is the most important criterion that should be taken care of while purchasing a mattress. Because, no matter what a mattress offers, if it is uncomfortable, it won’t provide you with a comfortable sleeping experience.

What are the 4 layers in Dr. Ortho mattress?

The 4 layers in Dr. Ortho’s Mattress are –

  • Latex- A breathable natural material that promotes pain relief
  • Memory Foam with Cool gel- Provides body-conforming support and a cool feel
  • High Resiliency Foam 1 & 2- Provides high elasticity and support

Can the outer cover of this mattress be machine washable?

Yes, the outer covering can be machine-washed as well as hand-washed.

Why should we opt for an orthopaedic mattress?

An orthopaedic mattress distributes body weight equally to prevent back pain or discomfort. It promotes spinal alignment even while sleeping, thus helping you wake up pain-free.