Do’s And Don’ts For Arthritis Pain That You Should Keep in Mind

If you are symptomatic or suffering from Arthritis, you would know to what extent the Arthritis pain torments and affects the day to day life of a human being.

According to research published by Anand Malvia and his peers, about 7 million people in India suffer from RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). These statistics are higher than that reported from China, Indonesia, the Philippines and rural Africa.

Firstly one must understand that Arthritis is not just one ailment. There are various types of Arthritis, ranging from the ones that specifically target your skin and joints to the ones that could target multiple joints in your body. Mainly, three types of Arthritis are common in the population. Namely, Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic Arthritis. Is there a joint pain that you have been ignorant about for a long time? It is time you focus on your body and get it checked out by a professional.

Let us understand what you should and should not do when you are suffering from Arthritis pain.

Do’s that you should follow when you suffer from Arthritis pain

There are steps that you should follow religiously in your routine when you are suffering from Arthritis pain. These steps are beneficial if followed otherwise as well. A healthy body gives a path to a healthy mind, and one should remember that. One should keep in mind to eat healthily, exercising every day, and consult a professional if you feel something is off with your body. Additionally, maintaining a healthy body mass index( weight to height ratio) helps you and your body stay in optimum health. Now, let us get into the steps you should take.

Eat healthily

Maintaining a healthy diet helps one greatly with their Arthritis pain in day to day life. There have been studies on various foods and how they affect the intensity of pain in Arthritis patients. 

Research done by R D Altman, KC Marcussen showed that out of the 247 subjects that participated in the study, the percentage of people who experienced a reduction in knee pain on standing was more in the ginger extract group. 63% of people did experience a reduction in their knee pain. We can understand that what we eat has a significant impact on our body and the pain, especially when we have research like this to see for ourselves.

Including foods like Turmeric, ginger, broccoli, walnuts, and berries will help your arthritis pain.

Exercise every day

Exercise every day

Exercising every day as required by your body can help significantly with joint pains or maintaining a healthy body mass index in general. Exercising every day does not mean that you should exhaust your body and your joints. If you are a patient, you should do light exercises or yoga. Avoid weight lifting exercises as they can cause strain on your muscles and joints, resulting in higher Arthritis pain.

You can also use gentle massaging techniques with Dr. Ortho oil to relieve muscle and joint pain to some extent. It is an Ayurvedic oil made with eight natural herbs for naturally soothing pain relief. Do not overdo the massage though, if you are unsure how to do it, ask for assistance. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

Consult a professional

Yes, the internet is an ocean of knowledge that never stops flowing. You can look up your symptoms online and in no time know how the cough could kill you. Yes, that will save you the consultancy fee, but it will also put you at risk. If you see symptoms and know well that you are suffering, then it is better to consult a professional. Especially consult a doctor if you have been ignoring that plausible Arthritis pain for a long time. You know deep down that it is the right call to make. 

Don’ts that you should avoid when you suffer from Arthritis pain

It can be difficult living with joint and knee pain. The difficulties could be tremendous, especially if you are suffering from this ailment called Arthritis. There are some lifestyle choices that you must avoid if you have arthritis pain. These choices include smoking and drinking, consumption of junk food, and being ignorant about your health. These might seem insignificant, but they have a significant role to play, especially when it comes down to your health. 

Smoking & Drinking

Smoking and drinking tend to have a negative impact on a healthy body in general. When your body is prone to Arthritis pain, it is best to avoid the two. Smoking is known to boost inflammation. Inflammation is one of the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis that is not in your body’s control. Hence, it is best to avoid smoking and drinking. 

Junk food

If you plan to stay healthy and live a healthy life, it is time you call it quits with junk food. Junk food has a negative influence on the weight gaining process of your body. You gain carbs for your body, but it strips you of a nutritional diet. With Arthritis pain, it is best if you avoid it. Avoiding it will keep your uric acid in check and help you maintain a healthy body mass index, thus prevent strain on your joints.

Ignoring your Arthritis pain

Ignoring your Arthritis pain

As a probable Arthritis patient, the worst thing you can do to your body is to be ignorant of its pain. If you have symptoms of joint pain, seek help. See a professional rather than trying to diagnose yourself with the internet. Yes, there is a lot of knowledge here, but it is not a piece of professional advice. If you have pain that seems like it could be Arthritis pain, you should see a doctor who will give you a professional opinion. 


Arthritis is a serious health issue that should not be ignored and have its symptoms nipped in the bud with it. Staying healthy is a choice we make, and Dr. Ortho hopes you make the right call for yourself. We hope you found this article helpful.