Joints Care in Ayurveda

Joints Care in Ayurveda, Various Tips and Tricks

Our body consists of flesh and bones that are controlled by the brain with the help of a nervous system spread across the entire body. To make the body flexible, the joints connect the bones. These joints can go through wear and tear because of various reasons, which is why it is vital to take care of them. This can be done with the help of many ways. There are some of the most simple and natural ways to follow when it comes to joint care in Ayurveda. If joint pain is something that is creating difficulty for you to accomplish your day to day tasks, then Ayurveda is the way to go.

Ayurveda is an ancient science known for its Indian origins. It is based on the natural ways of keeping the body healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Tips for joints care in Ayurveda 

In Ayurveda, one utilizes the natural ways of leading a life. For a healthy life, one must maintain a healthy diet, that keeps all your “vatas” in control. Maintain a healthy weight that keeps the body healthier and keeps it glowing. Our body's joints keep the body moving in a relaxed manner with the help of a functioning central nervous system. It is important to care for them as much as we care about our external appearances. 

Healthy consumption of food. 

Every ingredient that we intake, brings in different nutrients, energies and vitamins to our body. For a healthy state of the joints and body, it is vital to have a healthy consumption of food. What is a healthy consumption of food? Well! It is simply eating food that is nutrient-rich, and easily digestible. Consuming food with such qualities helps maintain a healthy weight, which reduces the chances of overstraining the joints in the lower body in the later stages of life.  

A healthy lifestyle for joints care in Ayurveda

healthy lifestyle

Ayurveda not only focuses on what goes inside of your body but also, on how you live your life. If one makes unhealthy choices, like unhealthy sleeping patterns, not doing any physical activity, and not maintaining their body mass index, it is considered bad. Also, it can have adverse effects on the body in the long run. 

How can joint pain be helped using Ayurveda? 

Maintaining a healthy ayurvedic lifestyle remains the foremost important point. Other than this, there are many ways to ease joint pain and keep joints healthy in Ayurveda. These include gentle herbal massages, usage of helpful herbs in prescribed amounts etc.  

Ortho Oil for Pain Relief 

A Dr. Ortho oil for pain relief is an Ayurvedic pain relief combination of selected oils, that are helpful for joints care in Ayurveda. People who suffer from issues like knee joint pain, back pain, neck pain, ankle pain, and shoulder pain can get the benefits from this potent oil. It has highly powerful and impactful herbal oils like Pudina oil, Gandhapura oil etc.  

Benefits of Ortho oil in joints care in Ayurveda 

Dr. Ortho oil consists of 8 uniquely selected herbal oils. These oils are known for being helpful in the conditions like inflammation, joint pains, swellings etc. The use of these power-packed ingredients becomes very beneficial when needed for joint pain, muscle pain and easing inflammation and swelling to a certain extent.  

Dr. Ortho 

Dr. Ortho

Dr. Ortho is a brand that offers many such products for joints care in Ayurveda. They have Dr. Ortho ayurvedic oil, Dr. Otho pain-relieving spray, Dr. Ortho ointment and a pain relief balm. All of these products have ingredients that are taken from natural sources. Other than these beneficial ayurvedic products, we also provide Other joint care products that can help with support, optimal compressions and back. Dr. Ortho orthopaedic back support and Dr. Ortho knee cap are some of them. The user can select what they need from the wide array of available products.