Benefits Of Knee Cap

Causes of Knee Pain and Why Use Knee Cap?

Age is the main factor when it comes to knee pain. Upon ignorance, the knee's movements can result in pain, which further damages the cartilage (protective cushion between the knee joints.) Such ignorance can result in a serious illness called arthritis. This condition can cause pain, weakness and sometimes even require surgery. Though, there are many ways to get relief from arthritis pain. Using a knee cap will not cure such a serious issue, but it can certainly help alleviate the pain to some extent. This accessory provides support to your knee joint while walking or running. Furthermore, a knee cap gives you the confidence to walk comfortably.  

List of common causes for knee pain:  

  1. Obesity: Excess weight in the body puts extra load on the knees and joints. Too much weight could lead to damage of cartilages and even ruptured ligaments. 
  2. Injuries: A knee injury can affect your joints negatively in the long run, if ignored. Because of such an injury, one faces difficulty moving their knee or sitting comfortably. Sprain or strain caused while playing sports or lifting heavy equipment at the gym can result in a knee injury. 
  3. Osteoarthritis: When the protective cushion between the knee joints breaks down, it results in osteoarthritis in the knee. It can cause pain, swelling, or stiffness in joints. 
  4. Gout: This problem occurs when the uric acid assembles in the joints in crystal form. It usually affects the big toe. Although, it can occur in your knees too. 
  5. Over-resting: Sitting for long hours without any knee movement can lead to knee pain. It makes your muscles stiff, and gradually your knee joints become weak because of the lack of activity. 

How to manage knee pain:

  • To get instant relief, you can apply ice or heating pads. 
  • Take short breaks while working to make your joints move. 
  • Maintain a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. 
  • Exercise regularly to make your joints function smoothly. 
  • There is a knee cap for gym-going people that can help protect their knees from too much burden. 

Ease your pain with Knee support: 

The knees are the most essential body part that helps a person to sit, walk and run. No one can bear knee pain, it makes your routine work look like an obstacle. However, the remedies stated above can be of some help in getting knee pain relief. Plus, wearing knee support can be very helpful to get support while walking. Some of these supports come in various sizes for giving your knees extra care.  

Get relief in your knee pain with Dr. Ortho Knee Cap: 

Dr. Ortho products give relief in the body discomfort such as knee pain, shoulder pain, cervical pain, back pain, and other joints related pain. Dr. Ortho’s knee cap is one of the best knee cap for pain relief. This is made with cotton fabric material and covers the area around your knees while compressing your knees.   

Benefits you will get by wearing Dr. Ortho’s knee cap: 

Benefits you will get by wearing Dr. Ortho’s knee cap:

  • Give support to your knees while walking. 
  • Provides flexibility to the knee joints while sitting or stretching. 
  • Provides good support for a comfortable experience. 
  • It is a hypoallergic and skin-friendly product to give relief from knee pain. 

How to care for a knee cap?

How to care for a knee cap

The knee cap usually gets damaged when not taken proper care of. To give the knee cap a longer shelf life, clean it with soap and water. Other than that, wear it under your regular clothes so that it gets less exposed to dust and dirt. 

How to use Dr. Ortho’s knee cap:  

  • Always wear the knee cap with the label on the top. 
  • Wear the knee cap slightly above from knees. 
  • Then adjust the knee cap accordingly. 
  • You should wear this knee cap for approx. 7-8 hours in a day to get relief from knee pain.

Remember that wearing knee support is not a complete solution to get relief from knee pain. One has to work on their diet and physical health as well. Dr. Ortho Knee cap can be very supportive to your knees. But if there is some serious injury or problem, then seek a specialist's professional opinion before usage.