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Causes and Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Our lower back holds the upper body weight. Also, lower back muscles are responsible for the movement and rotation of the body. Many people suffer from lower back pain or waist discomfort.  The lumbar spine is a complex network of interconnecting bones, nerves, ligaments, and muscles in the lower back.

The lower back also helps the body in bending, stretching, rotating, and supporting the upper back. On the other hand, it is more prone to pain and injury. Well, there could be various reasons for lower back pain including osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease  Could be common.

Let’s discuss a few common causes of lower back pain:

  1. Poor posture: It is the most common mistake we all do. Sitting for long hours in the same position can lead to pressure on the lower back and result in lower back pain. Unsupported and wrong posture can lead to load on your spine and result in pain.
  1. Rheumatoid arthritis: RA is the most common problem that occurs usually in joints so can be a reason for lower back pain in some severe cases. So, it’s better to get checked timely before you start suffering more.
  1. Heavy weights: Carrying heavy loads or lifting can result in back pain. It could lead to severe pain and in some cases end in surgeries. So, be watchful while loading anything heavy on your body it could make suffer your back a lot.
  1. Junk food: No doubt, we all love to eat food that has more quantity of fat than protein and vitamins. Gradually the bones and the spine get weakened by not getting proper nutrients which results in pains in the joints and the spine. So, for your better joint health switch to a healthy diet.

Junk food

Remedies for lower back pain:

  1. Try Ice or heat: Tense muscles can be relaxed and boosted by the warmth of a hot shower, compression with a hot water bottle, or electric heating pad. If you have pain in your lower back due to inflammation, you can use ice or cold packs to alleviate the swelling.
  1. Physical Therapy: Physical therapy can help you manage pain and improve mobility. It helps you get back to your usual life and allows you to perform your daily activities. Physical therapists are trained to help in relaxing muscle stiffness so, you must consult them
  1. Stretching: Your back is supported by strong muscles, particularly those in your abdominal core. Stretching exercises can help give strength to your lower back and it helps in reducing pain.


  1. Healthy diet: Make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet, as they are essential for bone health. A balanced diet also helps in weight management and living a healthy life.

These remedies can be helpful in easing your lower back pain. Also, if you feel uncomfortable or pain triggers in your back while you are changing positions, you can use a back support belt.

is really hard to find out good back support that will help in maintaining the right posture.  You can find one of the best available in the market or try Dr. Ortho lumbo sacral belt is one of the best orthopedic belt for back pain relief can help in providing optimum support to your back and maintaining the natural curve of your spines.

Benefits of using a lumbo sacral belt:

  • Provides appropriate support to the back.
  • Helps in making pain-free and flexible movements.
  • Helps maintain the right posture.
  • Anyone can use it to give comfort to their painful back.

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