Dr. Ortho Oil Faq's

  1. Is Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Oil helpful in all types of relieving joint pain?

Yes, you can apply Dr. Ortho medicinal oil to get relief from knee pain, back pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain and any other joint discomfort like strain, strain, and stiffness.

  1. Can I Apply it every day on my joints?

Yes, Dr. Ortho oil is made up of 8 natural herbs so, gives relief from joint pain naturally. You can apply it daily to soothe your painful joints.

  1. Is Dr. Ortho Joint Pain Relief Oil Purely Ayurvedic?

Yes, it’s purely Ayurvedic and safe to use. It contains ingredients like mint oil, cheed oil, alsi oil, jyotishamti and kapur oil. Anyone can use it for safe and good results.

  1. Is Dr. Ortho Oil beneficial for all age group?

Yes, any person who is suffering from joint pain can use it to get relief.

  1. Can I use it muscle pain?

Yes, Dr. Ortho oil can be used for both joint and muscle pain.