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Dr. Ortho Kit for Joints Pain Relief

Dr. Ortho Kit for Joints Pain Relief

Rs 741.00
Ayurvedic Kit for Joints Pain Relief Give your stiffened and painful joints the complete care of Ayurveda with this carefully curated combo pack containing Dr. Ortho's ayurvedic oil, a blend...
Combo for Body Muscle Pain (Oil 120ml + 30 Capsules)

Combo for Body Muscle Pain (Oil 120ml + 30 Capsules)

Rs 478.00
Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil and Ayurvedic Pain Relief Capsules The combo of Dr. Ortho oil (120 ml) and capsules (30 caps) has been brought together to give your joints the care...
Combo to Relieve Knee Pain Relief - Dr. Ortho
Universal, M, L, XL

Combo to Relieve Knee Pain Relief

Rs 478.00
Experiencing pain or discomfort in or around the knee can be troublesome. With this selectively grouped combo to relieve knee discomfort with Dr. Ortho knee cap for knee pain and...
Comfort to Spine Essentials Combo

Comfort to Spine Essentials Combo

Rs 1,134.00
Dr. Ortho lumbo sacral belt and Dr. Ortho balm combo is a comfort to spine essential combo that is curated together for the user's most comfortable pain relief. Since the spine happens to...
Joint Pain Relief Essentials - Dr. Ortho Store

Joint Pain Relief Essentials

Rs 2,561.00
Give your painful back and stiff neck the much-needed relaxation with our special joint pain relief essentials combo pack that comes with- a lumbosacral support belt, an orthopaedic cervical pillow,...
Complete Pain Relief Essentials Pack - Dr. ortho Store

Complete Pain Relief Essentials Pack

Rs 1,010.00Rs 912.00
Dr. Ortho's Complete Pain Relief Essentials Pack is specially curated for your natural joint pain relief. It comprises the best of Dr. Ortho pain-relieving products- Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Oil 60ml,...
Dr. Ortho 1 Month Combo Pack (2 X Oil 120ml, 4 X Capsules 30Caps, Spray 75ml, Ointment 30g) - Dr. Ortho Store

Dr. Ortho 1 Month Combo Pack of Joint Care Products

Rs 1,585.00
1 Month Combo Pack of Joint Care Products Dr. Ortho 1 month combo pack consists of 2 packs of 120ml Dr. Ortho oil, 4 packs of Dr. Ortho capsules(30 in each leaf), 1...
Essentials to Sooth Back Discomforts - Dr. Ortho

Essentials to Sooth Back Discomforts

Rs 2,654.00
Soothe your back pain with this specially curated combo that has essentials to ease your back discomforts. This combo pack includes- An orthopaedic back support (Memory foam), a lumbo sacral support...
Must Have Kit for Back Discomfort - Dr. Ortho Store

Must Have Kit for Back Pain Relief

Rs 2,632.00
This Combo pack takes care of your back discomfort with its 3 products- Lumbosacral Belt, Back support, and balm for pain relief. Dr. Ortho's Lumbo Sacral Belt is to give...
Dr Ortho Joint Pain Oil & Joint Pain Relief Capsule (Oil 120ml + 60 Capsules)

Dr Ortho Joint Pain Oil & Joint Pain Relief Capsule (Oil 120ml + 60 Capsules)

Rs 590.00
Dr. Ortho understands that many people face knee pain like different issues, especially in their elderly stage of life. Dr Ortho joint pain oil (120 ml) and Dr. Ortho joint pain capsules (30 caps) combo is made...
Combo Pack of Joint Pain Oil (60ml) & Capsules (60caps)

Combo Pack of Joint Pain Oil (60ml) & Capsules (60caps)

Rs 453.00
A well-suited combination of herbs has been brought together in the form of Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic capsules. To add to the joint care needs, Dr. Ortho also brings a balanced...
Soothing Relief to Knee Pain Combo - Dr. Ortho

Soothing Relief to Knee Pain Combo

Rs 456.00
Combo for Relief to Knee Pain  The knees are one of the key joint for movement of the legs. They bear the heavy responsibility of weight-bearing, and it's only natural...

Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic & Joints Care Range

Dr. Ortho
  is a prominent and reputed brand in the joint care segment. With over 1 million trusted consumers and a strong team, we have managed to bring out products, that are easy to use and relaxing for their users. One of our most sold products is Dr. Ortho Pain Relief Oil. It has the unique qualities of eight carefully selected natural herbs available in our surroundings to provide the optimal care and soothing pain- relief for the user’s joints, muscles and tendons. 

Dr. Ortho understands that working on the root causes of the pain is also needed. This is why in our  Dr. Ortho capsules, we encase the best qualities of eight powerful natural herbs, that help maintain the natural strength of the user’s joints and keep them strong internally in the long run. Since Dr. Ortho products are Ayurvedic, there are no possible side effects from these herbal products unless the user is allergic to any particular herb present in the contents of the product they are using. 

For the optimal pain relief, we also have a  balm for pain reliefPain Relief Ointment, and a  Pain Reliever Spray. All of these products are potent and effective in their own ways. Some of these can be used for targeted pain relief, and others for all-over pain relief. Dr. Ortho pain relief oil is one of the products that one can use for all-over body pain relief as well. 

This was for the products that are application based to the body for pain relief. Other than this, we also have products that help with posture and day-to-day assistance in relieving pain using orthopaedic designs and high-end materials. So, we can provide our users with the excellence they deserve for their bodies and joints. In our accessories segment, our  knee pain cap &Dr Ortho Back Support  are the most loved by our consumers. 

Other than these, we also haveLumbo Sacral Belt  in our accessory segment for lower back pain issues and give the lower back great support as needed by the customer. It comes with adjustable straps, so the user can adjust it as per their needs and keep their comfort along with that as their priority. 

Our Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain is one of the most asked for items on our list, considering how often people need a well-rested sleep. We understand that it is of the utmost importance for people to get a well-rested nap time where their spine feels comfortable. This is why Dr. Ortho brought the best foot forward with an excellent orthopaedic design paired with memory foam in the  Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain, so your spine is well-rested, no matter how you sleep. Using the accessories along with the ayurvedic pain relieving oil, balm, and spray can be extra helpful if needed. Although, we do suggest you consult a medical professional if your pain is too much to bear. 

Pain comes in many forms, Dr. Ortho might not be able to help you with other kinds of pain. But, we do try our best in helping our consumers with any joint, muscle, and body pain they might face to the best of our capabilities. Our  Dr. Ortho pain relief oil is one of the most reliable oils in helping with any sort of pain with a gentle application.  

Dr. Ortho always has the best interest of our consumers in our hearts. We care for your joints as much as you do. Choose the best care of Dr. Ortho products for your joints. Overcome the pain with us.