Reduce Knee Swelling

Tips to Reduce Knee Swelling and Pain at Home

Every move we make throughout our lives- walking, running, sitting or standing involves the use of the Knee joint. All these movements also make it more prone to all kinds of issues- like pain, injuries, accidents, etc. Among all the problems that knees might face - knee swelling and pain associated with it are the most prominent, yet not everyone talks much about it.

So, in this blog, we will talk about everything there is to know about knee swelling- from its causes and symptoms to ways to take care. Towards the end, we will also tell you about an orthotic that can help exceptionally well with this problem. 

What are Knee swelling and pain?

As the name suggests, this term describes swollen knees which occur when excessive fluid collects in and around your knee joint. In the case of swollen knees, it's necessary to find the underlying cause behind the condition to find the correct treatment.

Causes of Knee Swelling and Pain

From injuries to certain diseases, there can be various reasons behind Knee swelling. 

Injuries- Any damage such as torn ligaments, cartilage tears, broken bones or irritation caused due to overuse can cause excessive joint fluid to accumulate in the knee joint. 

Medical conditions - This includes Arthritis (RA or OA), Gout, Cysts, Tumours, Infections, etc. These conditions can produce fluid build-up in and around the knee joint. 

Medical conditions

Sports- People who actively participate in sports activities are more predisposed to experience problems such as twisting the knee or getting hit by a ball, causing swelling.  

Age- As a person ages, the probability of developing arthritis and swelling increases simultaneously.

Symptoms of Knee Swelling and Pain

The main symptoms of Knee Swelling include-

Pain- The intensity of pain might vary depending on the reason for swelling causing fluid build-up.

Stiffness- Due to excessive fluid build-up, completing movements such as bending or straightening might become difficult.

Swelling- The skin around the kneecap tends to puff up or swell.

Take care of Knee swelling and Pain at home

If your swelling is less to moderately painful and is just in its preliminary round, try these steps -

Rest- The first and most important part of recovery is to take rest. Avoid any kind of weight-bearing activities to give the knees a chance to take a break and heal.  

Icing- Apply Ice to the affected area every 2-4 hours for 15 to 20 mins in the first 2-3 days of a knee injury. Make sure to not apply it directly but by wrapping it in a cloth. This will help with pain and swelling without damaging the skin

Compression- A compressing bandage or a knee cap helps prevent the situation from worsening. Like the Dr. Ortho Knee Cap with Open Patella that provides cushiony compression without unnecessary restriction and irritation.

Elevation- Placing your feet on an elevated chair or stool or even a stack of pillows helps decrease blood flow to the affected area which in turn helps to reduce inflammation. Keep in mind to place it higher than your heart level. 

MassageA gentle massage will help drain the excess fluid from the knee joint. Use oil or any lubricator so that your hands can glide better over the affected area.


These methods are a quick and easy fix to knee swelling. Using OTC medications may also prove to be helpful, however, in case your condition remains the same even after trying out every home remedy or you experience unknown symptoms, seeking the help of a medical professional would be recommended. 


Q. Is walking recommended during Knee swelling?

Walking helps increase blood flow to the tissues. This can help reduce inflammation and swelling while also promoting muscle strength without causing any strain. 

Q. What is the normal duration of Knee swelling?

A knee swelling that persists for 2-3 days is normal. However, in case it stays for more than 3 days or you start experiencing pain or unexplainable symptoms, it's best to seek medical advice.

Q. How will a Knee Cap with Open Patella help with Knee swelling?

Knee Cap with Open Patella like the one from Dr. Ortho provides firm compression, warmth and support to the knees to ease pain and inflammation. It relieves patellar pressure without pressing the knee cap.