Orthopaedic Mattress

What is an Orthopaedic Mattress?

Nowadays, Orthopaedic mattresses are trending everywhere because of their immense health benefits. These mattresses are prominently prescribed by Orthopaedicians to people who usually suffer joint discomforts, specifically back, neck, and shoulder stiffness. These orthopaedic mattresses are designed in such a way that our bodies can get optimal support during sleep.

Who can use the ortho mattress?

  1. Those who are currently recuperating from an accident must go for these mattresses
  2. The elderly, who frequently feel stiffness in their joints should go for this option
  3. For sound sleep, even people without any serious issues may also give it a shot

    How does the ortho mattress help?

    1. It enhances better sleeping posture
    2. It is more durable in comparison to normal mattresses
    3. It provides lumbar relief and prevents back pain
    4. It assists in sleep with improved body support
    5. It provides pain-free support for sore joints and terrible backs

    Why choose an orthopaedic mattress?

    Sometimes, we can experience discomfort during our sleep due to the low quality of mattresses. Also, too hard or too soft mattress foam can keep you awake the whole night and leave you with a stiffened back and sleepy eyes. So, it becomes important here to go for a premium quality orthopaedic mattress.

    Moreover, an Orthopaedic mattress offers support for pressure reduction and neutral spine alignment. The support provided by these mattresses is beneficial for reducing or eliminating joint discomfort while we sleep. Therefore, a new ortho mattress could be the answer for those who have aches and pains both at night and in the morning.

    How to find the right Orthopaedic Mattresses?

    Although many mattresses make the "orthopaedic" promise, they might not genuinely provide the advantages we expect. Then how do we make the distinction? Here is how:

    1. Check for the Pressure Relief Qualities

    orthopaedic mattress

    Our weight efficiently squashes the body parts in contact with a hard surface when we're lying down. And because of this, some significant pain and possibly tissue damage could also occur.

    Therefore, the important thing to keep in mind is that we won't get the pressure-relieving comfort we want if a mattress is too hard or too soft. Keeping this in mind, a good compromise between support and comfort is very well established by hybrid mattresses.

    To those curious about what a hybrid mattress is, here is a simple definition: Hybrid mattresses are beds that top a coil support system with memory foam, latex, or other materials to create a wonderful, sweet spot for sleeping.

    So, buy a particular ortho mattress only if it is particularly recognized for its ability to uniformly transfer the body's weight over the surface to relieve pressure.

    1. It should provide an accurate Spinal Alignment

    It should provide an accurate Spinal Alignment

    The head and foot of the mattress should be softer than the center, which should be firmer as the spine's natural curvature will be supported by this structure. Without appropriate spine alignment, the muscles, tendons, and even the bones of the spine will be under a significant amount of stress, which may cause discomfort and injury.

    Remember that the mattresses that assist with proper spine alignment will neither be overly hard nor soft (similar to mattresses that provide adequate pressure relief).

    1. Maximum support; do check that!

    An orthopaedic mattress with a firm surface can give you the best push-back for a perfect sleeping position. Moreover, it will also help to lessen your snoring and improve your sleep quality. So, before you decide to buy any mattress, check this feature of the mattress.

    1. Even weight distribution is a must

    A quality orthopaedic mattress should evenly spread your body weight so that the build-up of pressure points, particularly in your neck, back, and hips, can be prevented.

    1. Healthy posture will give you healthy blood circulation

    An orthopaedic mattress helps you sleep in the correct posture, promoting enhanced blood circulation throughout the night.

    1. Foam Quality

    It is one of the important features that need to be checked for a comfy and better sleep.

    Mattress manufactured using quality foam will provide accurate support to your body and also reduces body stiffness and pain that can be caused due to poor-quality mattresses.


    Though the level of support required varies depending on the individual, instead of blindly following a doctor's recommendation for a certain mattress, it's critical for each person to test out orthopaedic mattresses on their own. Otherwise, keeping tabs on these few suggestions will certainly come in handy and land you on the right ortho mattress.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. How long does an orthopaedic mattress last?

      If high-quality materials are used in the creation of orthopaedic mattresses, then they typically last for several years. 

      Q. Who can benefit from an orthopaedic mattress?

        An orthopaedic mattress is beneficial for everyone, but specifically for people who usually experience pain in their joints, specifically the neck, back, and shoulders. Also, individuals suffering from chronic illnesses, those who are recuperating from accidents, and the elderly can use orthopaedic mattresses to get optimum comfort.

        Q. Are Orthopaedic mattresses better than normal mattresses?

          Orthopaedic mattresses are specifically manufactured to give orthopaedic support to the body. Some normal mattresses can cause stiffness and pain in the body, but orthopaedically designed mattresses optimistically support the body and prevent such issues. Nowadays, memory foam and latex are some of the prominent materials ruling the market for orthopaedic mattresses; instead of normal materials, mattresses made up of these materials give us an enhanced sleeping experience.