The Causes of back pain in females and ways to deal with it

The Causes of Back Pain in Females and Ways to Deal with It

Back Pain- this term isn't unknown to anyone. More than half of the people reading this  adults and in some cases, even children are prone to acute or chronic back pain, women generally deal with back pain in substantial numbers. Now you must be thinking, "Why"? Well, don't worry as we are here to clear the causes of back pain in females. Not just that, but we'll also be discussing the steps and measures one must take to deal with this medical condition. So, without wasting any more time, let's dive right into it.

What are the causes of back pain in females? 

What are the causes of back pain in females

The human back is a complex structure that is made up of conjoining various bones, muscles and ligaments. Slight inconvenience to any of these parts can be the reason behind your back pain. While we understand that tiredness, being overweight, Arthritis and accidents can be the major cause of back pain in females, apart from that, there are a few lesser-known causes, including -

Sedentary Lifestyle- If you think that, only sitting for prolonged hours can cause back pain, then think again. Following a lazy lifestyle, deprived of movement is also one of the most prominent reasons for back pain as it can cause muscle stiffness and discomfort.

Poor Posture- Sitting for long hours can lead to slouching, which may result in poor posture. Moreover, making this an everyday practice can result in back pain or strain on the muscles and ligaments.

Menstrual symptoms- Back Pain is one of the most common symptoms of menstrual due to hormonal fluctuations. However, its intensity may differ from person to person and may last up to 3-4 days. It may even occur post-menopause.

Muscle sprain- If you are overweight or have lifted something heavy with an improper stance pain and stiffness can occur in your back muscles.

Poor Mattress choice- Sometimes, the reason behind your annoying back pain can be your mattress! Poor foam quality and design paired with a material that is not skin-friendly can keep you awake all night and may even worsen your back pain.

Apart from these, back pain can also be a symptom of certain medical conditions such as Arthritis, kidney or bladder infections, Fibromyalgia, etc. 

Preventive measures for Back Pain in females? 

The best way to prevent back pain from occurring and transitioning into something worse is to keep your back healthy and strong. To do so, following these steps might be helpful -

Exercises- Stretching exercises can help loosen the muscles, thus reducing the risk of added stress on the spine and promoting spinal health. Exercise also helps ease the pain, thus, improving the range of motion and flexibility. However, make sure to be gentle.

A healthy diet- Food plays an essential role in our health. So, to speed up the recovery process, avoid inflammatory food items that contain sugar, gluten and trans-fat. Instead, follow a nutrient-rich diet filled with green leafy vegetables and fruits. This will give your body the strength to cope with the pain and speed up the recovery process.

Healthy Habits- Following habits such as using a back support when you are required to sit for long hours, using a good orthopaedic mattress so you don't wake up with worsened back pain and using an ice pack to ease the ache are a few good habits which can help not only in easing pain but also in preventing it.  

Orthopaedic mattress to ease back pain 

Orthopaedic mattress to ease back pain

The importance of a good mattress is not a secret. Not only does it help to sleep well, but your mattress also has an impact on your overall health, including your back. Hence, it's important to invest in the right one and Dr. Ortho orthopaedic mattress can be just the right pick for you. It has an orthopaedic design, with 7-zone support, 4-layer comfort and medium firmness which provide adequate cushioning and support required by your body to wake up well-rested and pain-free. So, enjoy a cool and comfortable night of sleep with Dr. Ortho Orthopaedic mattress. 

So, keep your back healthy by following the suggested measures so the pain never crosses your path again. And in case, the pain relapses again and persists even after continued home remedies, seek professional help.  


Q. Why is back pain a common problem these days? 

The habits that most of the population practise today are the main reason why back pain is widespread. Owing to desk jobs, assignments, long travelling hours, etc. people of all age groups are experiencing back discomfort.  

Q. Can a mattress help improve back pain? 

Choosing the right mattress can be a great preventive measure for back pain relief. Because it keeps the back supported and provides comfort at the right portions, thus, helping ease the pain.  

Q. What are the 4 layers of Dr. Ortho Orthopaedic mattress? 

The 4-layers of Dr. Ortho Orthopaedic mattress are-  

 1. Memory Foam with cool gel (1 inch)  

 2. Latex (1 inch)  

 3. High Resiliency Foam (HR) (layer 1) (2 inches)  

 4. HR Foam (layer 2) (4 inches)  

Q. How can I order Dr. Ortho mattresses? 

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