Joints Pain in Old Age

Causes & Solutions of Joints Pain in Old Age

Joint pain can affect anyone of all ages, although it is the most common as old age arrives. Many people start seeing the early signs of joint pain as they start getting old and start looking for solutions of joint pain. Are you one of them? In case you are, you are at the right place. Before we start discussing the solutions that can be helpful to some, we will first discuss the causes of joint pain in old age. 

Old age comes with many perks as well as discomforts. Joint pain is one of the most common among the many aches and pains that one might face. What causes joint pain, though? It surely is not something that happens all of a sudden out of nowhere. Yes, there are exceptions, like sudden injuries and illnesses, but those are rare. Let us see the common things that can cause this issue and solutions for them.

Causes of joint pain in old age

Causes of joint pain in old age

As we grow old, along with the experiences we carry many things forward. With the growing age, our body is also growing and getting older, which causes many issues. There are many things that can cause joint pain in old age. Many of these are things we should pay attention to as they happen. Instead of dusting them off under the carpet like most of our problems. Some of these are:

  • Previous injuries
  • Overused joints and muscles
  • Too much weight gain
  • Deteriorating health

Previous Injuries

The previous injuries that might have been dormant can come back affecting the body in the worst ways possible. Sometimes they come back as tormenting joint pains, which are difficult to handle and soothe. These injuries on a joint can have lasting impacts, which only become visible as we start to grow old. 

Overuse of muscles and joints

The overuse of muscles and joints can exhaust those in the long run. This is why one must not overexert any of their body parts to a limit that they become troublesome in the later stages of life. The overuse of joints and muscles is one of the causes of Joints Pain.

Too much weight gain

Being overweight invites many health issues. Joint pain in old age happens to one of them. It is better to eat healthily and maintain the overall weight of the body as per your height than to face these consequences in old age when the body is already vulnerable. 

Solutions of joint pain

There are many solution of joint pain. There are joint pain relief methods and joint care in Ayurveda that can be very helpful. When these things are paired with the right diet and healthy lifestyle routines, they prove to be very helpful. Let us see how these can be beneficial in relieving the pain. 

Joints care in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the oldest known practised medicine systems that originated in India. When it comes to joint care in Ayurveda, it is very traditional. Even though there are many ayurvedic oils, balms and tablets in the markets, routine wellness stays the most important. Why? Because it helps keep the body healthy.  

Joint pain relief

Among the many solutions of joint pain in old age, joint pain relief using massage therapies is a fairly common practice. Dr. Ortho oil is one of the very beneficial oils with ayurvedic ingredients and the goodness of 8 natural oils. Very potent in giving benefits to the user with its gentle application, it is also free of side effects.

Ayurvedic ingredients can be allergic to some, do check the contents prior to application. 

Proper diet and healthy routine

Proper diet and healthy routine

A proper diet and a healthy routine help one stay healthy in the long run. A healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals and one that is well balanced is the best. Especially in old age.