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Is The Office Chair Your Back Pain Reason? Here's What You Can Do

If you are reading this, we already know that you are one of the many individuals who need to sit for extended periods as a part of their job. Day in and Day out repeating the same practice for several years can cost you your comfort and well-being since long hours of sitting, that too in the wrong office chair can be detrimental to your posture and shoulders and may also be one of the back pain reasons. The problem will undoubtedly get worse if your job is demanding and requires regular longer hours of work. Hence, it's important to figure out an effective and long-term solution for this problem, and this blog might be just what you need. So, read till the end to know what might help you!

What makes an office chair cause back pain?

cause back pain

Working in an environment that requires you to sit all day, a good and comfortable chair becomes the top requirement. However, it's not uncommon to have chairs that are the driving force behind the sudden, aching back pain. But what makes a chair your "back pain reasons"? Let's find out!

Lacks proper support - A chair with a proper backrest is the determining factor of whether it is a good choice or not. If the backrest is not comfortable, is not flexible and applies pressure on your back, then it would make you feel confined and constricted and lacks basic ergonomic support. This means that it lacks basic support for your elbow, knees and back, causing you to sit in an uncomfortable position.

Uncomfortable material- Using a chair that is either made up of wood or lacks any kind of padding or cushioning can make it extremely uncomfortable to sit, especially for longer durations. It might also decrease its durability. 

Creaking sounds- Is your office chair making sounds? It's a sign that it needs an upgrade. Sitting on an old and bad chair isn't just bad for your back since the ergonomics have most probably deteriorated, but also the noises can be disturbing.

Back support to ease back pain reasons

So, what's the solution? The first and foremost thought would be to switch to an ergonomic chair, and while it is a pretty effective solution, it's not always plausible since budget can be an issue or you can't just change your office chair. In such situations, a back pillow for an office chair can be the answer you might be looking for. Don't worry as we have the perfect recommendation for you!

Dr. Ortho back pillow for office chair

back pillow for office chair

Dr. Ortho Orthopaedic back support is an orthopedically designed back pillow to upgrade your regular chair to a perfect chair with orthopaedic support. Its memory foam and unique design support the lower back and abdomen, thus providing the utmost comfort and support. It also comes with an adjustable belt which can be used to adjust it anywhere, be it your office chair, car seat or at-home chair. The outer covering is made of skin-friendly fabric and is removable and washable. Thus, whether you are at an office meeting or working late hours, Dr. Ortho's back pillow for the office chair can be the perfect support you and your back need!


Q. How many hours a day can we use back support?

A back-support pillow can be used if you need to sit in your chair. It would help support the natural alignment of your spine even during long sitting hours, thus preventing any back discomfort. 

Q. How Dr. Ortho's back support pillow will ease back pain?

Dr. Ortho's back support pillow has been orthopedically designed to help support the lower back and abdomen of a person. It has been crafted with utmost thinking to provide appropriate comfort and support. 

Q. From where can we buy this back-support pillow?

You can purchase Dr. Ortho's back support pillow from Dr. Ortho's official website-