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My cervical pain is gone now. Thank You Dr. Ortho!

"I'm writing this review after using it for two months. I purchased it after experimenting with several brands and products. Since I sleep on my side, this pillow's 4 inch thickness is ideal for me. I tried a lot of other pillows, but none of them gave me the correct height. This is highly ergonomic and provides an excellent night's sleep. I strongly advise this pillow to everyone who suffer from cervical pillow."

Ram Kapoor

I just loved Dr. Ortho Acupressure Slippers!

"I recently purchased these slippers, and I'm glad I did. These slippers are quite comfy and provide my feet with excellent support. I recommend these Acupressure slippers to everyone, I believe they are worth to buy. Overall, I'm happy I made this choice, and now I will order this for every member of my family."

Himanshi Jain

Amazing Knee Cap! Provides relief from knee pain.

“Its quality, flexibility  and grip are outstanding, something my old knee cap was not able to provide.. I am happy with its quality and reasonable price that Dr. Ortho has provided. It’s been long time that I have been searching for such good quality product, thanks to Dr. Ortho they came up with this. One thing I observed is that when I walk, I don’t feel much discomfort in my knees like earlier."

Hema Sharma

I am fortunate to have this product!

“I have been feeling stiffness and pain in my wrist area for some days.  And slowly this pain reached my hand and finger and this troubled me a lot. Thanks to Dr. Ortho wrist brace that it support protected me. Now, I every time while perform my daily tasks or work on my desk, use it. Its perfect grip and fine design eases everything to me.”

Mukesh Verma

Posture Corrector is Excellent product of Dr. Ortho.

"My prolonged working hours have made it tough for me to work in straight position all the time. So, due to this little hump has also  been formed on the back area of the neck.  Then, one day  I noticed the advertisement of this Posture Corrector online and ordered it. Trust me it’s good and provides adequate support to the whole body. I do use it 4-5 hours day to keep my back in the right position while working."

Naved Khan

Now, I don't feel that much back discomfort after using it

"I have been suffering from back pain severely and this pain was so acute that I was unable to perform my daily activities. So,  one day I came to know about Dr. Ortho Lumbo Sacral Belt and ordered it. I started using and felt difference in my condition. It helps me to perform my activities effortlessly and also, I do not feel  back discomforts like before."

Avnish Gandhi

Why to choose Dr. Ortho?

Are you tired of searching for products for your joint problems? Didn’t you find anything effective to your joint discomforts relieved? Don’t worry! You have got Dr. Ortho by your side.
Dr. Ortho offers an extensive line of products in Ayurvedic and Orthotic Range in the pain care segment. It has become one of India's most trusted pain relief brands throughout the years. Dr. Ortho products comprise a blend of natural ingredients to provide you with the best for your joint care. Our products are based on Ayurveda's holistic approach. While manufacturing products, we keep quality, purity, and authenticity always on priority.
You have trusted us and we are consistently striving to bring to you the best direct from the lap of nature for your joint care.
Focusing on customers’ basic needs we have created several products in our pain-care segment which can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere. We deliver Dr. Ortho Pain relief balm, Pain Relieving Ointment, Joint Pain Relief Oil, Ayurvedic Strong Oil, ayurvedic capsules for pain relief, and effective pain reliever spray. All products are incorporated with the goodness of ayurvedic and natural ingredients which can help reduce the pain from the root. In our joint pain care products, we use herbs like Gandhpura, Kapur, Dalchini, Mint, Alsi, and Til.
We have a team of professionals who research appropriately before working on the manufacturing of any product. We understand the need of our customers so, always work dedicatedly to provide superior products and services.
Apart from the above-mentioned products, we also have our range of supporting aids that can help you with back pain in specific parts of your body. Those who are looking for extra comfort and stability for their lower back and abdomen can try Dr. Ortho's Lumbo Sacral Support Belt. The belt comes with an adjustable strap to adjust and fit as per requirement. The main aim of creating this product is to relieve mild back pain by supporting the backbone, which in turn helps you maintain a correct posture and of course, provides super comfort.
For neck pain, we have an Orthopaedic cervical pillow and Premium Orthopaedic Cervical Pillow that can help keep your neck supported and pain-free. This cushiony-soft pillow is specifically designed for people having a cervical problem. So, now you won't have to wake up with a painful neck anymore as Dr. Ortho's pillow would keep your posture in check while sleeping. Our Orthopaedic back support is a boon for all workaholics, who need to sit on a chair for long hours which usually results in backache. At Dr. Ortho, you will also find a knee cap for pain relief your stiff knees- incorporating sweat-resistant, anti-slip, and perfect grip qualities. It is designed to provide your knees with optimum support alongside comfy warmth and compression.
By exploring the range of Dr. Ortho products you will come to know that every product has been crafted by considering basic joint problems that anyone can face. Dr. Ortho Joint Care accessories are 100% made up of cotton fabric so, it is completely hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Ensuring both safety and efficacy we not only deliver quality but also appropriately tested products that are safe to use and will not cause any harm.
Over the years, our pain relief products have won the hearts of people and also, have taken a special place in their wardrobe as must-have joint care essentials. Our brand's prominence has been acknowledged and, felicitated around the globe and thus honored by various renowned awards-Most trusted brand of Asia 2016, conducted by World Brands Review Corporation (Dubai, 2016) in Ayurvedic Ortho medicines, World's Greatest Brands, 2015-16, IUA, chosen by Consumer's Industry, and Asia's Most Promising Brand, in a survey by IBRANDS in 2013-14.
Our passion for delivering quality and genuine Ayurvedic products following modern technology has helped us to develop some excellent products like ayurvedic pain relief oil, pain relief balm, pain-relieving ointment, pain reliever spray, ayurvedic capsules, and also supporting aids like Knee support, Back support, Dr. Ortho Acupressure Slippers and Lumbosacral support belt. We are striving for providing the best joint care to our customers, you can rely on us for effective and reliable products.
Dr. Ortho Mattress provides the best support to the body while prevents joint stiffness and pain that can be caused sometimes due to poor quality material of mattress.