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Dr. Ortho is one of the leading Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Medicines in pain care segment. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Pain Relief Products have been developed by integrating unique and effective herbs using State of Art infrastructure. Moreover, each product has been formulated with traditional way of Ayurveda using modern facilities.

The active components of herbs work synergistically and provide prolonged relief from painful conditions. Additionally, each herb is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties and thus works significantly to relieve back pain, muscle pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and other joint pains.

Dr. Ortho - Helpful in relieving Joints Pain

Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic products are the blend of Ayurvedic herbs which contain anti-inflammatory molecules and deliver broad spectrum benefits in relieving various painful conditions like - Joint Pain, Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Knee Pain, Elbow Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain,& Leg Pain.

Knee Pain

Knee joint is the weight bearing joint of the body which provides movements like Walking, Sitting, Standing, Running and possesses structures like Bones, Muscles.

Back Pain

Back pain or backache is a discomfort felt in the upper, middle and lower back, arising from structures in the back like Muscles, Nerves, Bones or Ligament.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Joint is one of the most delicate joint of our body which is very much susceptible to external impressions and forms by the articulation between Humerus, Scapula and Clavicle.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain in the neck region between bottom of head to top of shoulders which can extend to Upper Back, Shoulders and Arms or come from regions near to Neck.

Wrist Pain

The wrist joint includes eight small bones connected with ligaments and tendons. Discomfort and pain in wrist can be due to carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, gout and wrist injury.

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Dr Ortho - Helpful In Joints Pain
Helpful In Joints Pain
Dr Ortho 100% Ayurvedic
100% Ayurvedic
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Asia's Most Promising Brand
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