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A Wrap of Comfort

Strains and sprains are common forms of injury which is suffered during physical activities like during sports or while workout. So to provide support to the painful areas or to prevent further damage, it needs to be covered. The best and effective solution is to apply crepe bandage. Crepe Bandage helps to prevent further injury or damage to the already sprained or strained area.


Dr. Ortho Elastic Crepe Bandage is made up of 100% cotton which comes with non-fraying edges. This crepe bandage is alsomade up of stretchable material which provides optimum support to the user and holds the wrapped area well. It comes with additional feature i.e. it can be wrapped easily at any body part like knee, elbow, wrist, ankle, etc. which allows free muscle and joints movement.It comes in different sizes.

Why it is Effective

Dr. Ortho elastic crepe bandage is very useful to provide relief from muscle strain, sprain, painful joints, dislocation, sports mishaps, varicose veins and joint pain. It aid recovery and reduces swelling. Dr. Ortho elastic crepe bandage is made of high-quality material and comes with pins that help to hold the bandage in place. The fabric retains the heat in the area after the massage of Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Oil which helps it to penetrate well into the skin and give effective results for pain.


  • Retains Heat Inside
  • Washable Bandage
  • Provides Flexibility & Mobility
  • Ease Inflammation
  • Aid in Recovery
  • Muscle Relief
  • Flexible, easy to stretch
  • Easy to Carry

Principle Ingredients

Pure Cotton:

pure-cotton Bandage is made up of cotton fabric. Cotton is very organic and is very soft on skin. It does not irritate skin, do not cause allergy and also helps to retain heat inside.

How to Use

  • Wrap Dr. Ortho Bandage around the affected area.
  • Take caution while wrapping, if fasten tightly then it may obstruct blood circulation.
  • When the bandage is wrapped around completely, use pin at the end to hold it in position.

Pack Size & Price

  • Net Qty. One at Rs. 245, Size:- 8cm x 4mts. (Stretched Length)
  • Net Qty. One at Rs. 295, Size:- 10cm x 4mts. (Stretched Length)

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