A muscle strain is defined as overstretched and torn of muscles which commonly occur in neck, shoulder, knee and back. There are various reasons for muscle strain such as overuse, improper use of muscles, fatigue and obesity etc. Apart from it, muscle strain is sudden onset of pain and limits the body movements and it takes a week to months to get relieve from muscle strain. On other hand, muscular strain can be cause when muscle tears unexpectedly and suddenly. There are numbers of therapies available which can help to relieve from muscle strain. Amongst them, Ayurveda is one of the best way which can be very useful in getting relief from muscle strain and availability of various types of Ayurvedic oil and capsules in the market are top priority pain reliever products. Before this let us discuss symptom and causes of muscle strain.

Symptoms of muscle strain:

Muscle strain can cause soreness.

  • Discoloration and bruising are due to severe muscle strain.
  • It can cause swelling on affected area.
  • Muscle spasm.
  • Weakness in muscles.
  • Stiffness of muscles.

Cause of muscle strain:

Muscle strain can occur due to the muscle tear and poor flexibility of muscles. The severities of muscle pain are generally seen in players, bodybuilders, and other physical activities which may suffer them with a prolonged muscle strain or pulled muscles in his/her lifetime. Some time, people suffer from muscle strain while walking and running. Sitting or sleeping in awkward movement can also cause muscle strain. So, before any exercise or physical activities take some time to warm up to avoid muscle pull or muscle strain.

Way to relieve from Muscle strain:

You can easily get relieve from muscle strain by using Ayurvedic oils. Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil and capsules are blend of time tested and potent herbs which help you to relieve from muscle strain. If you are suffering from muscle strain or muscle pull then gently massage 5 to 10 ml of Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil on the affected area. Do not massage on affected area. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic oil is based on Ayurvedic methodology and modern science. It helps you relive instantly from muscle pain. Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic capsules for joint pain helps to relieve from stiffness and weakness of muscle. For optimal result, use Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil with Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic capsules regularly.


How muscle strain can be prevent

  • Loose excess weight
  • Take precautions such as holding handrails on stairways, avoid slippery surfaces.
  • Do not lift heavy weight. Do not lift or twist at same time. Always lift weight with your legs.
  • Sit straight and do not slouch while walking

Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic joint pain oil

What is muscle strain?
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