The back pain is quite common among people at some point in their lives.The back pain is not an health issue or disease. There can several reasons of back pain such as continous seating,sleeping habit or picking heavy items etc.If you back pain last for several days then it is better to consult the doctor.

I’m going to list some of the habits that can cause back pain.

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Poor Diet

The poor diet is one of the main reasons for back pain.The fast food  like pizza,burger,fried chips etc are high in fat and calories which leads to weight gain.The extra weight puts pressure on our bones which ultimately causes back pain.



The lack of exercise increases our weight which ultimately causes back pain.The exercises increases the bone density which supports your back and keeps it pain free.


Poor Postures

The poor postures also lead to back pain.If we have a habit of sitting in awkward position then there are high chances of getting the back pain.So it is better to maintain good posture to avoid back pain.


Torn Shoes

It is right your torn shoes could also cause back pain. The torn shoes can bring a change in your walk and can lead to back pain.


Old Mattress

The mattress gives your back uniform support. According to experts one should use mattresses with medium firmness to avoid back pain.If your mattress is sinking it is time to change to avoid back pain.

Top 5 Reasons which causes Back Pain
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