Arthritis is a common condition which can affect both young and old people equally.  It is an autoimmune disease which causes inflammation in the joints of hands and feet. It affects the lining of the joints which results in swelling and subsequently deformation of the joints.

This major health issue starts when the immune system of the body starts attacking cells and tissues. This autoimmune illness also affects the other body parts such as lungs, eyes and blood vessels. So, it is necessary to fight this problem before it leads to other health issues.

Among the available options to decrease this health issue, using Sesame oil is major one.

Why is Sesame Oil Effective to Reduce the Pain of Arthritis?

Sesame oil is also known as anti-inflammatory agent. In Ayurveda, massage with warm sesame oil is recommended to strengthen the bones and muscles. Massage done with this oil is highly useful to improve the flexibility of the joints.

It works well to reduce chronic joint pain and muscle spasms. Importantly, it acts as an antioxidant and helps in protecting the joints from oxidative stress. You can either use sesame oil directly or by combining with anti-arthritic herbs. Both the ways are effective and you can simply try them for better results.

Here are some ways to use sesame oil for Arthritis in more effective ways:

1.  Sesame Oil with Nutmeg :

Nutmeg is known to help in reducing pain and swelling of the joints and muscles. It is also helpful in improving circulation. You have to pour a cup of oil in a pan and add three tablespoons of ground nutmeg.


And then place the pan on boiling water and boil the oil for some minutes. Leave it for some time to get cool and then massage the affected joints with warm nutmeg oil.

You can use this effective mixture daily to get prolonged relief from joint pain.

2.  Sesame Oil with Garlic :

Another wonderful method to use Sesame oil is to mix with chopped garlic. You need to steep the chopped garlic cloves in half a cup of sesame oil and apply on the painful areas. Massage the joints with a small amount of the garlic infused with sesame oil.


Garlic is known for its anti-inflammatory property so, highly recommended to reduce the joint pain. Garlic when infused with sesame oil and applied to the painful joints, it helps in preventing cartilage damage.

3.  Sesame with Withania Somnifera :

Withania Somnifera is commonly known as Ashwagandha. It is well-known for anti-arthritic property so, massaging with oil prepared by infusing the herb in sesame oil helps in reducing the pain.

The medicated sesame oil when used daily helps in improving the flexibility of the joints.


4.  Sesame Oil with Ginger :

Ginger is another ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties, so helpful to reduce the Arthritis pain. You need to mix sesame oil with equal amount of ginger juice. After that warm the mixture and apply to painful joints.


The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in reducing swelling and joint pain. It also helps in stimulating circulation in the affected joints so, provide relief from pain.

5.  Sesame Oil with Essential Oils :

Mixing sesame oil with essential oils such as clove oil, rose oil, frankincense oil, peppermint oil and Roman chamomile oil is also another better way for the reducing joint pain. All these essential oils are known for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, mixing with sesame oil can work to reduce the pain of your joints.

Sesame oil is high in copper, calcium, zinc and magnesium. So, you must use it to improve bone health. Regular massage can provide relief from Arthritis. Sesame oil is enriched with antioxidant, vitamin E so, effective to give relief from joint pain.

Besides using these above mentioned methods, you can also use Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic pain relief oil. It is the perfect combination of herbal oils which can give prolonged relief from the joint pain. or You can use Dr. Ortho Oil as an Instant Pain Relief Oil.


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The Best Ways to Use Sesame Oil for Arthritis
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