Synovial fluid is necessary to keep joints lubricated and make them strong. For this purpose, you must increase the intake of water and nutritious diet. Trying some dietary supplements can also be a better way to maintain synovial fluid in a right way. For the better improvement, you can also include exercise and some other physical activities to get relief from joint pain.

You can also take the suggestion of a professional doctor to get the right solution to reduce your joint issues. Besides this, here are some essential tips that can increase the amount of synovial fluid and you can get healthy and strong joint.

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Drink Enough Water :

Drinking an accurate amount of water is essential to maintain a good health. Water is also essential to maintain good synovial fluid amount. So, you must increase the amount of your water intake for better health and strong joints.

Importantly, water intake also depends on your age, gender, and other factors.

Usually, men should take about (3.7L) and women should take (2.7 L) of water per day.


Eat Fish and Healthy Fats :

Eating fish and healthy fats can also help your body produce enough amount of synovial fluid. You can include salmon, trout, and other fatty fish to your diet.   Besides this, you can also take avocado, nuts, olive oil and other sources of healthy fats to lubricate your joints.


It’s good that this foodstuff is essential to maintain strong joints. However, you should limit the amount as high amount of fat can increase your body.


Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables :

Fruit and vegetables can provide enough vitamins, minerals, and hydration to your body. Moreover, because of their anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the inflammation of your joints. You can take leafy greens, broccoli, berries, and red grapes for healthy and active bones. If your bones are healthy, your joints can move easily and you don’t suffer from pain.


Garlic :

Garlic is a remarkable option to protect your joints.

This natural herb is a good source of the organosulfur compound. This indicates that it can provide you enough amount of sulfur to keep your joints strong. Production of collagen needs a large amount of sulfur so; regular use to garlic in your cooking can help a lot.


Collagen is the richest protein in our body. It is a part of muscles, bones, skin, digestive system and blood vessels. It helps in providing strength to your body and bones. Apart from this, garlic also provides elasticity to your skin and replaces the dead skin cells.


Exercise Daily :

Exercise is an essential part to maintain overall health and same goes for joints. So, walking, low-speed cycling, and another form of light exercise can be a right option to solve the joint problem.

Initially, if you find it difficult to exercise for long hours, you can start with 20- 25 minutes workout a day. After this, when your body will get used to it, you can increase the amount to approximately 2 hours a day. You can also try jogging, running, and speed cycling later for the quick results.


Avoid Food with Lots of Sugar and Salt :

The foodstuff high in sugar and salt can increase the joint pain. No doubt your body needs salt in order to say hydrated. However, consuming high amount can affect your health in a negative way. So, if you are the patient of joint pain, you must reduce the intake of salt and sugar.


Try to avoid salty snacks such as chips and pretzels. You can also substitute salt with herbs, citrus juice, and other flavorings when you cook your meal. And to limit your sugar intake you can use natural sources of sugar such as fruit. Avoiding sweets, chocolates, canned products, and other sources of processed sugar can also work well to produce synovial fluid.


 Start Having Eggs :

As mentioned earlier food with high in sulfur is essential to keep bones strong, you can include eggs in your diet. Eggs are also the good source sulfur can help in producing the cartilage.

Eggs are also high in omega -3 fatty acids. And this thing makes them great anti-inflammatory nutrient to reduce inflammation in your joints.

Besides following all these essential tips you can also apply Dr. Ortho oil to reduce the pain of arthritis or joint issues. Natural herbs in this oil can give you great relief from the joint pain and can make your life active and pain-free.or You can use Dr. Ortho Oil as an Instant Pain Relief Oil.


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Synovial Fluid – Necessary to Keep Joint Healthy and Strong
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