The Shoulder is the Multi Jointed Structure which combines tendons and muscles so as to allow different degrees of motion in the arm. The most mobile joint in the body is shoulder joint. All the forward and backward movements, circular motions, upward movements and downward movements are governed by the mobility of joint. Mobility of the joint is accompanied by natural wear and tear of the joint.

We quickly adapt to easy lifestyles and sedentary lifestyle has taken a toll over us in most inappropriate ways. Sedentary lifestyle is what we cannot avoid, but we can always make our lives better by adopting healthy diet and routine exercise schedules. Joint pain affects many people and most common reason is the ignorance of common symptoms associated with joint pain. Sitting at your desk for long hours, being infested with the new joint pain at your shoulder, stressing yourself over it, no need to worry, do some Stretches for Shoulder Pain.  

Shoulder-joint-is-bio-mechanically-complex-jointShoulder Joint is Bio-Mechanically Complex Joint having   muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments and blood vessels  and is tasked with very important responsibility of providing flexibility and support to the shoulder. Where comes responsibility, there comes some risks and injuries. A 360 degree of moving your arm is the work of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that make up the shoulder to work together. Shoulder stretches as a part of your regular routine helps in reducing unwanted muscle strain and other injuries related to Shoulder Joint Pain.

Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Exercises-to-relieve-shoulder-painShoulder Health is very important when you are always hooked up to your computer screen, sitting in a same position all day long leaving you with tight and stiff shoulders. Neck pain is important part of shoulder health. Neck pain and tight muscles are the associated side symptoms which appear as a result of shoulder pain. If you are experiencing shoulder pain do some shoulder stretches. The first aid of shoulder pain treatment is the popular `RICE’ method which is usually done by people when they suffer any joint injury.` RICE’ method includes rest, ice, compression, and elevation  methods which are followed in sequential manner and it helps to  reduce pain and swelling. Once swelling has reduced one should again switch to exercise schedules.

Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain are as follows:

  • Doorway Stretch(Door Lean and Door Press)

Doorway-stretchSpread your arms to the side by standing in an open doorway. Warm up your muscles by holding sides of doorway with each hand well placed in a way as to insure that it is below your shoulder height. Lean forward in a door held position so as to feel a light muscle stretch. Don’t lean forward with the bend back; remember to keep your back straight. Do not overstretch. 

  • Reverse Fly

Reverse-flyMaintaining a width a part distance between shoulder and feet accompanied by slightly bent knees. With your straight back, bend slightly forward at your waist. Holding light weights in your hands extend your arms and raise them (not above shoulder height).Try to repeat 4 sets sequentially.

  • High to Low Rows

High-to-low-rowsA resistance band should be attached at or above shoulder height in a securely held way so that it just not comes out when you pull. Get gently on one knee so the knee opposite your injured arm is raised smoothly. The lower knee and body should be well aligned. The other hand should be placed on raised knee. Your outstretched arm should hold the band helping your elbow to be towards your body. Do not forget to keep your back straight throughout the whole episode of High to low rows. 

  • Chin Retractions

Chin-RetractionsThis simple retraction is helpful in people with neck pain issues where fellas are hooked up to their computers and long sitting hours in the same position for many hours. Move your chin forward, and then slowly pull it back by slightly tucking it in toward your throat like a hen does. Keep your chin straight and parallel to floor.

  • Neck Rolls 

Neck-Rolls`Neck rolls’-anyone else relating to spring rolls??To all food lovers here is your take on a stretch of shoulder pain. Tilting your head to the right with the straight back and slowly rolling it down (chin to chest) and like a pendulum towards your left (making a “U” shape). Then again reverse it towards your right. Repeat 5 times for each direction. Do not forget to just roll your head and neck sideways and forward, do not move  your neck in backward position, it may cause unnecessary pressure on your spine. 

  • Neck Stretches 

Neck-StretchesNeck pain is very well connected to shoulder pain. A neck stretch in most cases becomes an important stretch while doing shoulder stretches. Bend your right ear to the right shoulder and then place your right hand over left temple putting a little pressure so as to pull your head towards right direction. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat for the other side.

  • Arm Circles 

Arm-CirclesThey are the most easy shoulder stretches. Standing in a good posture with a straight back perpendicular to the wall, make big and slow circles with your arm. Repeat 10 times for each direction.


  • Side Lying External Rotation

Lie down gentSide-lying-external-rotationly on the side that is opposite to your injured arm, bending the elbow of injured arm in a perpendicular direction and resting the elbow on your side. Your forearm should be held resting across your abdomen. You can hold a light dumbbell and raising it slowing towards the upward direction. But don’t do if you feel strain while doing.

  • Lawn Mower Pull

Lawn-mower-pullThis shoulder stretch has a very unique name `Lawn mower pull’, so is this shoulder stretch .Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, Placing one end of a resistance band under your foot  in opposite  direction to your injured arm. Hold the other end well with the injured arm, so the band has a diagonal kind of pathway across your body. The other hand on the hip well placed; bend slightly at the waist .Please do not lock your knees while doing Lawn mower pull. Revert back to the original position gently.

  • Reverse Prayer Pose

Reverse-Prayer-PoseThe name clearly defines it. Let you’re both hands go behind the back and make a palm physical contact as we do it normally but for the formal Namaste and prayer. It should be more stretchful and should be done slowly so as to not strain your shoulder muscles.

  • Arm-Across-Chest Stretch 

Arm-across-Chest-StretchHolding your right hand in front of you to be placed near your waist, let your left hand reach behind the elbow, further pulling right arm towards the left and across your chest Hold the position for 30-60 seconds then relax and repeat with the other arm. 

  • Chest Expansion

Chest-ExpansionExercise band or a rope should be tied behind the back and then be grasped it with your both hands. Further holding the strap, move your shoulder blades toward each other and slowly lift your chin towards the upward direction. Breathe deeply for 10 to 15 seconds and release.

These Stretches can help you build strength and make your shoulder muscles strong. But a major or a recurring injury requires doctor’s attention. Consult a doctor in case of severe pain, intense swelling and while sleeping on a particular shoulder side you feel as if u have beaten up at that site. A nagging shoulder pain should make you well aware and you should immediately stop doing shoulder stretches.

                                                      `Wish you a happy shoulder health’

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Stretches for Shoulder Pain? If you have any other information, Please add in Comments.

Stretches for Shoulder Pain
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