Elbow joint health is the important part of joint health care. Many sportsperson and regular gym goers know the importance of elbow health. Weight training exercises put the stress on elbow joint and elbow joint injures are common while playing sports.

Proper care of elbow health is important to have a smooth and flexible movement of arms. Elbow health is important because it is connected to shoulder joint on one end and to wrist and finger joints at other end. Thus, the motion of whole arm is controlled by elbow joint in synchronization with elbow joint. All muscle building exercises naturally put pressure on shoulder joint and elbow joint. This blog is to address elbow pain. Are you facing elbow pain? Read and grab some quick measures to heal elbow pain in the next  section.

What you can do right now about your elbow pain?



Before adopting exercises to fix your elbow pain,it is important to adopt some quick measures to give relief to elbow pain. Quick measures are as follows-

Heat the painful elbow joint area.

Use a hot water bottle to improve blood circulation to elbow joint pain area thus heating helps in natural healing.

Use an elbow joint brace.

An elbow joint brace commonly called Counter force brace can be used to ease pain in elbow joint and makes comfortable motion of arms.

So, after giving the first aid treatment for elbow joint pain, switch over to regular exercise regime for elbow joint pain. Read the next subsection to know the easy and simple elbow stretches.


What are the top 4 exercises for elbow pain?



1. Open wrist rotations

Open wrist rotations are great for strengthening forearms. Use low weights or dumbbell as a resistance force while performing open wrist rotation. Go according to your strength.

2. Pull ups using rings

Two rings at appreciable height so that you can hold them with a good grip and do up and down movements so as to strengthen your elbow and shoulder muscles. In case of chronic elbow pain, avoid using this exercise. Go slowly and proceed by putting less stress on your elbows.

3. Strong grip towel and rope exercise

This exercise improves your forearm strength by improving your grip power and making your elbow muscles strong. Perform this exercise by holding to a towel or rope and handling your body weight by keeping your feet on floor and shift and move according to your stamina.

4. Elbow extension using an eccentric band

A resistant band with good tension is to be pulled by keeping one end under foot. The advantage of this exercise is that it helps elbow stretching in a convenient and neutral position. It is the easiest form of elbow stretching exercise. Do 4-5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of exercise.

Elbow pain problems are progressing at a high rate due to ignoring nagging pain associated with it. Give your elbow muscles a chance J to do exercise and keep it healthy.

dr-ortho-knee-capNOTE FOR READERS – Avoid elbow joint pain stretches if pain gets aggravated by performing them. People facing an underlying medical condition should avoid doing elbow stretches and consult a physician for the proper treatment.

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Stretches for Elbow Pain
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