Sitting at your office desk for the long duration can lead to neck and shoulder pain. It is very common for chronic shoulder pain to develop due to prolonged and repetitive movements. When you sit in the same position for long or do the same activities, it can strain the muscles of your upper body. This method can gradually lead to the development of shoulder pain rather than it hitting you all at once.

Other causes of work-related shoulder pain include bad postures, working with your arms above the shoulder level, static loading, hand-arm vibration, mechanical contact stress, full- body vibration and extreme temperature exposure.

Besides this, sitting at the same position can weaken your muscles and results in shoulder and neck pain.

So, to get rid of this situation, here are some methods that can work well for reducing the pain.

Let’s discuss in detail!


Sit in a Right Position :

When you have to spend most of the time at your desk, it’s important to sit correctly. If you sit long at the same position, it is necessary to maintain a good posture.


A right posture is helpful in reducing pressure on your shoulder and neck area which helps in preventing shoulder pain.

Change Positions Frequently :

When working in the office, you must change your position in one hour. As mentioned earlier, same position can result strain in shoulder and neck. If you have been sitting for an hour, take a break and walk for a few seconds.

This idea is good to alter your position frequently. At the same time, avoid slouching, rounding your shoulders, leaning in awkward positions as this can lead to discomfort and Pain.

Take Regular Breaks :

Nowadays, most of the office work is done with the help of computers. Sitting for long hours in front of your computer is not good for your overall health including your shoulders. The same sitting position puts more pressure on the spine which may become a reason for chronic shoulder pain. Prolonged sitting can be harmful for the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments and this affect the neck, shoulders and lower back regions.


Most of the health experts recommend taking a 5-minute break for every 30 minutes of sitting in front of your computer. When you take break from your desk work for a while, shake out your hands and arms. To feel better you can close your eyes and relax your body for a few seconds.

Eliminate Stress :

Stress is also a part of the workplace. But, too much stress can be a reason for your body ache including shoulder pain. So, to rid of the shoulder pain, make sure you are continuously working on reducing stress in your life. For this purpose, it is necessary that your workload is less and you are also keeping your work up-to-date as delay in tasks can make you to suffer from stress.

Practicing some breathing exercises , meditation or listening to soft music with headphones can keep your mind calm.

Practice Yoga :

Yoga is an excellent way to keep you healthy. There are many yoga exercises which can help you eliminate your body pain from your life. You should start your morning with yoga for the great changes in your life.


It will not only reduce the shoulder pain but also will improve your overall health.

Sleep on Your Back :

Your sleeping position also matters a lot when it comes to reducing shoulder pain. When you rest on your bed, try sleeping on your back. It is the best formula to get some relief from the pain. Sleeping in this position gives a proper support to your spinal cord. Rather than this if you sleep on your side or using too many pillows, it can strain your back and results in neck, shoulder and back pain.


So, always sleep on such mattress which can provide enough support to the body. Besides this, your pillow should be neither too soft nor too hard. Your pillow should provide enough support to your neck and shoulders. A perfect position to take pillow during sleep time is your head and neck, rather than your shoulders.

Beside, using all above-mentioned techniques you can also use the Dr. Ortho oil. It is the perfect remedy to reduce the pain of shoulder, neck, back and knee. The oil is the perfect blend of the herbs so, reduces pain naturally.


Dr. Ortho Oil is Perfect Remedies for  Instant Pain Relief Oil.

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Simple Steps to Reduce Work Related Shoulder Pain
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