Precautions during using Ayurvedic Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil and Capsules

Avoid spicy and deep fried foods. During the use of Ayurvedic Oil, It should not be applied on open wounds or burns. Always wash your Hands Before and after use. It is advisable to warm a small portion of oil before application. Do not take Capsules on empty stomach.

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  1. mere dono paron main jhoon jooni ho ti hai 6 mah se. kuch dur chalnepar left par soonya hota ha . left side nitammbh main us side sone par ya aise bhi dard hota hai.yah kya ha or kya karna hoga dr ortho capsul 30 liya ha par koi fhayeda nahi mila please advice me.

  2. After massage can I sit under fan air or there is any precaution to avoid using fan or ac and for how much time

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