Posture is the way you carry yourself and hold your position. Poor posture is one of the reasons for Joints Pain. Poor posture can wreak your overall Joint Health. Poor posture meaning? So what does poor posture means? When our spine is unnaturally positioned putting undue stress on all the muscles, joints and vertebrae, it results in poor posture.

The technical term for poor posture is Postural Dysfunction. We are in poor posture most of the times unknowingly due to our changing lifestyle these days. Desk jobs, uneasy sitting positions or even we are a lazy bug who is too tired to get early in morning for walk or exercise.

Poor-posture-not-only-just-affects-our-jointsPoor posture not only just affects our joints but also leads to the following problems. These are as follows-

1-Anxiety (poor posture and anxiety)

2-Neck pain (poor posture and neck pain)

3-Digestive problems (poor posture and digestive problems)

4-Headaches (poor posture and headaches)

A bad posture loop once developed can make your body suffer various other health issues. If we are able to understand the cause of poor posture, we can correct it and thus preserve and maintain good health. So, What are the causes of poor posture?

  • Not standing up right
  • Foot placement in most uncomfortable position
  • Excessive sitting hours
  • Awkward positions for bending
  • Exercising without guidance
  • General weakness
  • Excessive weight of your body
  • Bad postural habits
  • Low self confidence (for say-walking with drooping shoulders)

The above listed points are the common posture mistakes we all unknowingly adopt in the lives thus leading to poor posture.

So how many people have bad posture?

Can anyone guess?. Well, to me it appears that at one or the other time we all had some kind of discomfort due to poor posture .May be our poor posture position was too insignificant to make us suffer or may be our poor posture position was too significant to put us under the risk of ambit of diseases we never would have suffered. The case may be either. I guess we can relate to poor posture for the most common neck pain or back pain we suffer from.

Posture correction: Does it matter?

Posture-correction-Does-it-matterOff course, treatment for bad posture is very important. Many people search onto `How can I improve my posture? You can improve your posture in the following ways-

  • Develop good posture habits (stand up with back straight and comfortable foot position)
  • Change your posture frequently(Take breaks from one position like continuous sitting or continuous standing)
  • Exercise under guidance
  • Check your sleeping positions (Incorrect sleeping position is the cause of neck pain and back pain most of the times)
  • Say bye bye to low self esteem(Don’t forget you are the hero of your life)


Poor posture can be exhausting for your health. A good personality and a good health come from good posture. Let the confidence speak!!!

Poor Posture
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