Menopausal Joint Pain

Majority of women have experienced episodes of joint pain in their lives after menopause. Most of the women are unaware of joint pain episodes which may be due to menopause. What Is Menopause? Menopause is described as a set of changes every women experiences concluding her reproductive period when she […]

Foods that cause joint pain

Our diet has been the governing factor for many disease/problematic situations we experience in our lives. One study by WHO (World health organization) has stated the type of foods and physical inactivity as two major reasons for developing a chronic disease. These six nutrition related diseases have caught world’s attention […]

Neck pain exercises

Neck pain exercises form a common treatment regime for neck pain. Many a times, neck pain is due to minor misalignment of spine and shoulder. A poor posture and improper movement are the two main reasons for underlying neck pain problems. Exercises are part of treatment for joint pains. Each […]

Health and Fitness

Good health and fitness is all about choices. Good health is the heart and soul of human body. We make our own choices. From a variety of options, choosing the options which are best for us makes us responsible for our own choices. We choose Wellness and fitness to maintain […]