`Can jogging or running cause knee pain?’ or `Is jogging bad or good for knee cartilage?’ or  `My knees hurt a lot after jogging? Am I doing something?’ or Is jogging bad for your back? or `Is running with bad knee cartilage good? ‘or `Will jogging hurt an obese person’s […]


Posture is the way you carry yourself and hold your position. Poor posture is one of the reasons for Joints Pain. Poor posture can wreak your overall Joint Health. Poor posture meaning? So what does poor posture means? When our spine is unnaturally positioned putting undue stress on all the muscles, […]

what is Arthritis

This present blog will give you a brief insight as what is Arthritis all about. Arthritis is most ubiquitous condition which has caught people’s joints in a way that is difficult to go about. Diagnosing the right form of Arthritis is very important as the wrong diagnosis can lead to […]