Exercise is essential for physical fitness. Sports are included under exercise, some sports uses shoulder or shoulder joints excessively, for instance; cricket, badminton, tennis, etc. Warming up the shoulder before playing any shoulder related sport is necessary. So that the shoulder related games should utilize shoulders smoothly. ┬áIf shoulder not […]


Ayurveda and Yoga originated from Vedic tradition of India, now known worldwide. Both have same objective to supreme betterment of human life and health. Yoga is a lighter way to exercise, it is just not physical but it creates harmony between mind and body. Yoga is yoke in English which […]


Neck pain is one of the most common pains which affects large chunk of population. Neck pain sufferers try to find recluse by popping up some pain relieving pills. These pain relieving pills do help but not in permanent and effective way. Now, Have you ever realized what has made […]


Elbow joint health is the important part of joint health care. Many sportsperson and regular gym goers know the importance of elbow health. Weight training exercises put the stress on elbow joint and elbow joint injures are common while playing sports. Proper care of elbow health is important to have […]


Joint stiffness is the medical term for the pain and constant discomfort in the joints. The pain and discomfort in joints can be due an injury or some disease like Arthritis. Inflammation and joint stiffness are the major symptoms indicating some problem in your joint area. Do you think joint […]