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Do you get fractures from Minor Falls? You may be a victim of Osteoporosis.

Bone, a living tissue is constantly replaced by a new one in every ten years.However, ever thought that with each passing day you might develop bone related health issues? One such bone disease is Osteoporosis. Read on to know what is Osteoporosis, its symptoms, and the possible causes for the same.Also, know how the vitamins and the best Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil that can work for it best.

What is Osteoporosis?

The word osteoporosis means ‘porous bones’. This is a condition where a progressive decrease in the bone mineral density is seen. This results in weakening of the bones and frequent bone fractures. This is mainly the side effects of nutritional deficiency. A lack in the bone nutrients like calcium, magnesium, vitamin-D, boron and vitamin-K is responsible for building Osteoporosis.

Therefore, taking the natural health supplements or applying ointments, for example Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil , can prove to be beneficial. Bone, however, is a living tissue that is constantly replaced by a new one in every ten years. This disease occurs when the formation of these new bones is not enough and thus, the existing bones of the body are reabsorbed. Therefore, knowing the benefits of the bone health supplements for treating osteoporosis is essential.

The stages of occurrence :

There are mainly two stages where osteoporosis is more likely to exist. These are:

1.  Osteoporosis: An age related condition:

Just like any other age related diseases like heart problems, impaired brain functioning, etc. osteoporosis is the problem that worsens with age.

2.  Postmenstrual osteoporosis:

This is one of the most common types of osteoporosis and can result to spinal, wrist and hip injuries to women. This usually occurs when in menopause. During this stage, the body’s ability to absorb calcium,which depends upon estrogen is lowered. This is because the woman’s body now produces less of this hormone. Therefore, leads to bone brittleness and lower bone mineral density.

Counted among the most commonly known bone diseases, Osteoporosis is responsible for an increased risk of bone fractures. This disease occurs when the formation of these new bones is not enough and thus, the existing bones of the body are reabsorbed.

It is difficult to know the symptoms of osteoporosis in the early stages of bone loss. However, it is many times that people get to know about this bone deficiency at time of fractures. Very commonly confused with arthritis, osteoporosis is entirely different because no early signs like swelling and joint aches are known.

The Possible Causes :

Osteoporosis occurs with age, especially if the calcium intake in the body is less. Some main causes of osteoporosis are:

  1. Not taking a nutrition rich diet
  2. Excess smoking and drinking
  3. Reduced size and bone density
  4. Low intake of minerals like calcium and phosphorus
  5. Low vitamin-D levels
  6. Diabetes
  7. Menopause before the age of 45 years
  8. Less or no physical activity
  9. Low levels of testosterone

Common symptoms :

Carrying no physical symptoms, Osteoporosis is known to be a silent disease. After a long time into osteoporosis, symptoms like weight loss and body aches may occur. Let us know the symptoms of osteoporosis to see if we are safe:

1.  Fractures :

Fragile bones are an outcome of osteoporosis and thus, fractures are a common osteoporosis symptom. These fractures may occur even with a small fall and tripping off by accident.


The osteoporosis fractures can also be caused by sneezing and coughing.

2.  Pains in the back and neck :

The compression fractures of the spine are the next best-known symptom of osteoporosis. Because of the collapsed vertebrae, that may pinch the spine nerves, these fractures are very painful.


A severe pain can arise from soft tender pains.

3.  Loss of Height :

Loss of height is the cause of the compression fractures in the spinal cord.


This is one of the noticeable and prominent symptoms of osteoporosis.

4.  Stooped back Posture :

A bent forward posture of the back is forms when it is in its severe stage. This affects the breathing as the lungs get a lesser room to expand. This posture is known as kyphosis or dowager’s hump.

5.  Sudden symptoms of osteoporosis :

Though the disease is not easily detected, there are certain sudden symptoms that might assure you to get the bone mineral density tested.


Sudden pain and discomfort is something to start with. Also, any person who might have this problem is sure to complain about severe pains in the wrist, back, neck or hips.

Let us know if you carry any such symptoms. If you find this write-up helpful, feel free to hit the like button and share the same with anyone you think might be a sufferer of this silent disease.

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Osteoporosis: Know the Symptoms
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