Joint pain, Aging and Arthritis  shares a deep connection. Who above the age of 40 has not experienced joint pain and related arthritis problems? Everyone has experienced episodes of joint pain at one time or the other. The form of joint pain may be mild to severe to life threatening.

All above the age 40 can very well relate to joint pain and getting old. Bones go through the process of natural degeneration. As we age, so our bones too. So, joint pain is a normal part of aging. One cannot avoid it but one can take some measures to make it as normal as a minor problem.

How does age affect your bones?

Knee locking, aches in hips and ankle are very common when you age. The prime most reason for common aches and pains is loss of bone mass and density. Bones tend to lose calcium and minerals as they age.

How-does-age-affect-your-bonesJoint pain-an inevitable event is accompanied by other changes in body. These are as follows:-

  • The length of trunk decreases
  • Your spinal column becomes compressed and curved due to loss of mineral content from vertebrae (Your vertebrae makes the spine)
  • Your joints become stiff and looses flexibility
  • Cartilage loss in hip and knee joints
  • Decrease in lean body mass (Shrinkage of muscle fibers)
  • Bones are more prone to fractures (bones become brittle due to loss of minerals)

Common Aches and pains affecting the Elderly

Common Aches and pains are very common as you age. Well, bearing pain is not a pleasant experience. Pain in a particular area may serve as an important indication. A sensation of pain should quickly ring the bell in your brain. And you should be able to make out that there is something wrong going in your body. One should be aware of the aches and pains that happen when one gets old. Common aches and pains that affect the elderly are as follows:-


  1. Osteoarthritis It happens when the protective cartilage breaks down in your joint area which causes pain in hands, knees, and hips.
  2. Muscle strains and sprains
  3. Lower back pain
  4. Non-Arthritis joint pain
  5. Neck pain
  6. Knee pain
  7. Degenerative disc disease It involves gradual and slow loss of normal structure and function of thespine .The most common reason for degenerative disease is aging.
  8. Bone spurs– It is the calcified growth that happens to take place in neck, shoulders and knees; it suppresses tendons, ligaments and nerves-A meshwork of the whole picture which accompanies the underlying bone joint area.

Untreated aches and pains tend to become chronic if not treated timely. Majority of elderly people have a habit of self medication and bearing the pain silently. Just give a little thought. Is it correct to self medicate and bear the pain ignoring signs and symptoms? Off course, it is not a correct thing. Untreated pain can leave you in miserable situation and can make your old age-an unwanted life experience you live with.

Old age and Joint pain ? In case of any info or query regarding this, please add in comments.

Old age and Joint pain
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  4. Joint and osteoporosis pain made a excess pain for senior adult. regular exercises remedy manifold pain and same time concern with doctor. Nice information, thanks to share with us.

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